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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Rhianna has, have you?

Minx is the new thing to come on the nail market. Beyonce, Lady Gaga,Katy Perry, Rhianna and Kim Kardashian are massive fans, and the designers of minx, Dawn and Janice, custom design minx nails especially for the stars! Well, you don't have to be a star to get minx....but having minx can make you feel like one. I recently went to get minx done myself at Pretty and Pampered, and am more than happy with the results. There are so many designs to choose from, but I opted for a black and silver polka dot.
Dawn and Janice describe minx-
“Minx is for a person who loves life and enjoys standing out from the crowd. We say that ‘Minx extends fashion to your fingertips,’ and in just a few years we’ve seen Minx become a fashion necessity. Our vision is that the fashion-conscious will not feel their ensemble is complete without their Minx. Minx is such a fun and fashionable product it is hard not to fall in love with the attention you get when wearing it, and if we felt that way, we knew millions of other women would, too!”

 All of my previous nail polish was removed (I have terrible feet and I really should take better care of them!), and the nails were filed. I then selected my chosen design, which was cut to size to suit my toenail. The design is then heated and placed delicately over the toe nail, making sure that that the design is smooth on the nail with no creases. The excess minx from the end of the nail is then removed through filing. This process is then repeated for the rest of the toes.

 I think the results are amazing. They definitely get you noticed. I think I'll have to get them on show a little more, and wear open toe heels this Christmas!

Mix should last around two weeks, and in this time it shouldn't chip. Although heat is used as a way of sealing the minx design, they're waterproof, so going in a hot bath is not a problem. You can remove the minx yourself by leaving the nails under a hair dryer for around twenty seconds. Once soft, the seal is broken and should peal away easily without any damage to your nails. Perfect!
I'm really happy with mine, especially after finding that Rhianna herself is sporting the same minx design I have on my toes. I must have good style...

I'd be really interested to know what you think. Don't forget to take a look at the pretty and pampered facebook to see other minx designs and photos, or to book yourself in for a minx yourself! 

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vibram Five Fingers? No, me neither.

For a while now, I've been thinking about running. I am terrible at all sports...actually, that's a lie, I just don't like doing it. A fitness DVD yes, but running outside, no, no, no. I thought it would be great to get out and run, but in all honestly, I don't even own a pair of trainers. I know, crazy. Whilst looking for a good pair, I found that celebrities seem to be going wild for something called Vibram Five Fingers. They look ugly, but apparently they are brilliant. Scarlet Johanson, Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey are massive fans.
Photos: fitsugar.com
 Yes, they're ugly, but celebrities are such big fans because of their practicality. They're almost like gloves for your fingers! According to Vibram Five Fingers, they can be used for any activity which requires power, agility and balance as well as casual wear and travel. They also stimulate the muscle of the foot better than any other running shoe.
What do you think? Well, if they're alright for the celebrities then maybe they're alright for me! Retailing at £125.00, they must be good. I'm not really a fan of trainers, so I think these may work best for me- half shoe, half trainer!
I'd be really interested to know what you think.
Available from, 

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

December Glossybox

 Well, wasn't December's Glossybox a real treat? Firstly, the box is red and shiny...hello, Christmas, and the products were just so good this month. I am more than impressed. I'm at university so my boxes get sent to my home address, so when I started seeing people's reviews, I couldn't wait to come home for Christmas and get mine!

I was happy with every single product besides one...which I thought was pretty terrible. Actually, maybe I'm being too critical, but I just can't think who this product would suit. It was the the Blink and Go Eye shadow and Blush. I don't know where to begin with my dislike for this product. The packaging is awful- black and green? Oh dear. It's so masculine, but also reminds me of the products aimed at teenagers with acne. You know when the products typeface is really OTT and just so out there? It gets worse though. It turns out that it's a compact, again in this ugly black and green colour....

...and the colours? I think the last time I liked these colours was when I was eleven. What I will say, is that the pigmentation was actually really impressive. It's just a shame that I wouldn't wear  a single one of the colours. Same for the blush colours. They again reminded me of when I was small and used to receive free make-up in my magazine -they smelt like plastic and the blush colours were orange. So wrong.

However, I am so happy with the rest of the products. My favourite has to be the Deborah Lippmann nail varnish in Razzle Dazzle. It is just so perfect for Christmas and really pretty!
 I haven't used it, but I can't wait. I love a bit of Christmas sparkle! I was also chuffed to pieces with the Cargo lip gloss in Morocco. It's a shimmery pink colour, but looks lovely and natural on. It managed to stay on my lips for a good hour before it shifted too, so definitely a good'n.
Another gorgeous product is the Ritual Yogi Flow foaming shower gel sensation in Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil. Oooo, it just smells delicious! I always worry about using foaming products because I feel they run out quickly, however I used this in the shower last night, and just a small pump of it was more than enough. It just smells gorgeous! It left my skin so lovely and soft.
And finally...
The Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment. I probably won't need this product for a few years, but it smells nice and the consistency is lovely and thick. My mum seemed quite excited by it, so I'll be giving it to her to test out for me!

Do you get Glossybox? What did you think of December's box?

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I do love a good, Christmas Knit!

I just LOVE a good, Christmas knit. I love that typical Christmas style of reindeer, snow fakes and Rudolph that seem to be all over jumpers, slippers and pyjamas this December. A remember a few years ago when this sort of  trend was something you saw on your nan, and wouldn't dreeeeam of wearing! Now the celebrities have took a shine to them, and the shops are getting a bit too excited with the theme.

Some of my favourites!

photos: Glamour Magazine.

1. Ted Baker, £99. 2. Topshop, £50.00. 3. J. Crew at Net-a-Porter. 4. Dorothy Perkins, £95.00. 5. Topshop, £50.00.

Do you own a Winter Knit? I've just bought myself some over-the-top Christmas pyjamas from Primark...reindeer's, stars, snowflakes and hearts. Well, it is the only time of year where this is really acceptable...

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

Technically today is my Christmas day...well, at University. We are all leaving next week to celebrate Christmas with our families, so we thought it would be nice to celebrate Christmas on our last weekend together. We opened our presents in the morning...."santa" had been and drank his milk and mince pie, and Rudolph had had his carrot.

Then we headed to The Water Witch, a little pub on the canal which is even more beautiful at Christmas. We had the usual Christmas dinner with all the trimmings...I am stuffed.

Doesn't the food look juuust gorgeous? I'm sure you can tell exactly why I'm so stuffed. Tonight we're going to the local Christmas Carol service, after watching Enchanted (yes, I'm a child) and then it's the X factor final of course!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Victoria's Secret Christmas...

Just because it's Christmas and everyone wants to be a Victoria's Secret model,
here's a little post to make you smile and feel that bit more Chritmasy...

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Enough of the Ice Queen...

I am literally so, so pale. I'm all up for embracing my pale side, but when somebody actually gasps when you try something on, well, that's when you know that you need to take action! I've never been that great at applying fake tan. L'oreal is my favourite brand for fake tan, and I usually stick with it because I know and trust it. Enough was enough though, and I decided I needed a real Christmas glow...
Hello, my friend St. Tropez.

Not being a regular user of fake tan, I wanted to play it safe, so I bought St. Tropez Everyday. It says on the bottle that it is perfect for legs, but I literally used it everywhere. 
It says it will give
"A gradual self tan and flawless finish of instant bronze specially for legs. Infused with soothing aloe and a marine extract, you will have a gorgeous natural looking tan"

The bottle is a duo, with the white pump providing a silky moisturiser, and the black pump providing the fake tan. Now I found this a little difficult in all honesty. Perhaps I had a faulty bottle, but when I tried to use the white pump, the black side would also squirt the fake tan out. Maybe this is what is meant to happen, however after a lot of trial and error, I found it was best to use more moisturiser, and a a small, splodge of the tan as it's very, very dark. 

The moisturiser in the white pump is fantastic! I could literally use it all on it's own. It gives a gorgeous, silky, smooth effect- juuust lovely.
Now wait until you see the colour that comes out of the black pump...
Yes, VERY dark. This initially took me by surprise, especially as the tan is meant to have that everyday look. This is why I like to use more moisturiser than tan. I didn't like the colour when I used the same amount of both moisturiser and tan, and also the tan is so thick that it doesn't blend easily and it makes it difficult to get rid of tan lines. However if you manage to use more moisturiser then the tan is gorgeous. Really natural and fresh.
One thing that St. Tropez did say that was a clear lie however,
"Our innovative fragrance technology helps to take away the tell-tale tanning aroma to make way for a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance"
Well, initially yes. When you first apply it, I thought it smelt bloomin' gorgeous...then it dried. That nasty, biscuity fake tan smell was there. It was even worse after a few hours of dancing, so I'm sure I was a right treat to dance next to!

It retails at £24.99, however I bought mine from TKMaxx for £9.99. Definitely a great place to buy any St. Tropes product as they are always there and heavily discounted.

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Oh, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Last night I attended my University Winterball. It's really put me in the Christmas spirit. I love getting all dressed up and wearing a floaty dress and killer heels. I definitely am feeling it today though....dancing until the call for the very last bus really takes its toll- especially when you have an early lecture. They do say you burn calories wearing heels, and I think they're right. I'm exhausted...I'm sure the wine had a little something to do with how I feel today as well!
The photos don't quite show it, but the dress has lots of floaty layers underneath...it's just gorgeous. It pulls you in at the waist and then poofs out. A real princess dress. It was from H&M for £14.99. What a bargain!

The table decor was gorgeous. A little crammed in, but it was definitely decorated to the max.

Are any of you having a Christmas doo? It's so sad to think this is my last University ball. I wonder where I'll be going to next year for Christmas....hopefully I'll be employed!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x