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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lancôme Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser review ♥

I think I may have found my favourite cleanser. I've actually had it for a while, but never touched it...I can't believe I've only just discovered how amazing it is! I bought a massive Lancôme beauty box at the duty free a few months ago as it had a perfume in it which I absolutely love. Recently, I've been going through all of my make up, and found this in one of my beauty bags and gave it a little try....well, it is amazing! 
 Sometimes I really struggle at removing my eye make up, but I apply a little of this to a cotton pad, sweep it over my eyes and all traces of mascara and eye shadow are removed! It doesn't sting, and is leaves my eye area feeling soft and smooth. Lancôme describe is as This fresh-as-water eye makeup remover offers instant, gentle cleansing. It's effective, bi-phase formula activates when shaken and easily removes all traces of eye makeup (even waterproof), while leaving no oily residue. Initially, I presume that the product will actually be really oily- it feels quite greasy when I touch it with my finger, but actually its so lovely and soft to the skin. 
 It doesn't really have a scent to it to be honest, but knowing this product is applied to the eyes, I find that quite reassuring. The product retails at around £20.00 for 125ml, but I've definitely seen websites that are much cheaper. Although that seems very expensive, I'm sure that product will last a long time- You don't need very much product to remove your eye make up, so no need to use more that a good drop. I'm so impressed with this product, and can't believe I hadn't tried it sooner!

Have you tried this product before? What's your favourite cleanser?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012 ♥

I was going to cancel my subscription last month, and then I thought I'd give it one last try. I've been really disappointed with Glossybox in the past few months. I didn't feel the products were high end as advertised, nor did I feel I was getting variety in products. I still feel the same this month. I seem to get so many products for anti ageing (I've filled in a profile, but it doesn't seem like they are aware I'm 22 years old!), or really horrible scents (this month is no exception), or Monu products ( I like them, but a girl can only have so many Monu products!). People seem to get the HD brows products, but I never received the tweezers as many did in their last box, or the HD brows palette as some have this month. 
I'm not saying the products aren't great at all, but I always seem to have Monu products in every box, and I've already received Paul Mitchel products. I also don't think a teeny perfume sample (that smells rather bad) can count as an actual product in a box that costs £12.95. The Jelly Pong Pong Lip frosting was really lovely and sweet, but I actually already have a full sized tube of this, not that that's Glossybox's fault!
I think what saved this box for me was the Nuxe oil for M&S beauty, which can be applied to face, body and hair. I don't use very many body oils, so it was nice to try a new product, not only from a different brand but I hadn't received anything similar from another Glossybox. The Paul Mitchel Moisture Mist was also another nice product, which can be used on skin or hair. To be honest, it hasn't done much for my hair or face, but it definitely felt refreshing on a hot day. 
I think the time may have come to cancel my box however, or even try a new beauty box. I just don't feel Glossybox offers "luxury products...from high end brands" as they say. I used to love receiving my Glossybox each month, but now I feel slightly conned.

Sorry for my massive rant! What did you think of your Glossybox?
Hope you weren't disappointed!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Top 5 Summer Nail Varnishes ♥

Summer is finally here it seems! The sun is shining, my sunnies are on, and for once I can leave the house without wearing thick tights! My make up always reflects the seasons, particularly my lip sticks and nail varnishes. My nail varnishes in the summer are always in candy colours or soft pinks.
                                        These are my top 5 nail varnishes for this Summer.....
 From left: Ciate Piant pot in Purple Sherbet, Rimmel I love Fruities 025  Strawberry Fizz, 17 Supreme Shine in Simply Pink,Rimmel Pro in 500 Peppermint and Rimmel 60 Seconds 405 Rose Libertine.
 My current favourite summer nail varnish- Rimmel Pro in 500 Peppermint.

1. Rimmel Pro in 500 Peppermint- I love this nail varnish. It is such a gorgeous colour and perfect shade for Summer. It doesn't chip either, which is a massive bonus. There's nothing more I hate then having the perfect nails and then them chipping straight away. The only negative is that the varnish is quite watery, therefore it takes around three coats for the varnish to have such a "popping" colour. It dries quickly though, so this isn't such a problem. 

2. Rimmel 60 Seconds 405 Rose Libertine- Such a beautiful colour. I'm a massive fan of Rimmel nail varnishes. I think the quality is amazing, and I'm so impressed with the finish of my nails when I use them. This nail varnish dries so quickly, applies beautifully and just looks stunning. A real pretty, Summer pink.

3. 17 Supreme Shine Simply Pink- This shade looks even more amazing on the nails then in the bottle. I actually picked this shade after I saw my flat mates nails. They looked so pretty, neat and pearly that I just had to know what she had on her nails. I wasn't disappointed...the shade is gorgeous and so pretty when it hits the sun. I love 17 products- Good quality and great prices. 

4. Ciate Paint Pots in Purple Sherbet- This was a magazine freebie and there were three shades to choose form, however I just thought this was the perfect Summer shade. The only thing I dislike about Ciate products is that they chip so easily. I always think the finish looks amazing and really professional, but my nails literally chip within an hour. It's a shame because I love this colour so much. It's the perfect on trend candy colour.

5. Rimmel I Love Fruities 025 Strawberry Fizz- This polish looks as gorgeous as it smells. I love these scented Rimmel nail varnishes. Not only is the shade the most gorgeous, eye catching pink, but it smells so sweet and sugary like cherries. 

What's your favourite colour from the selection?

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum Review ♥

I think I may have found my favorite perfume! Beautiful, sweet and all round delicious, is the only way I can describe this perfume. It is literally heaven in a bottle! Apologies for the photos in advance- the lighting is terrible because there hasn't been any sunshine in the UK for around four weeks! Anyway, I truly adore this perfume...it's just beautiful.
My mum is a massive fan of this perfume also; which is actually a big compliment to this fragrance as my mum really isn't a fan of sweet perfumes at all. There is something about this perfume however; although it's quite sweet, it's not sickly but quite refreshing with hints of floral. The bottle is modern, but pretty and feminine and looks stunning displayed on my dressing table. Although the perfume is quite expensive ( 100ml at £90.00), I can see this perfume lasting a long time. A simple spray of this perfume easily lasts hours, and it honestly leaves a beautiful trail (I know this as my mum had sprayed some on herself and the scent had been left around the house wherever she had been! ha!). I know that eau de parfum is better than buying a toilette as perfumes tend to last longer on the skin, but sometimes I find this isn't the case at all. This isn't a problem with Flowerbomb at all.

It has a real luxury, sexy vibe to it, and I always feel special wearing it. My mum refuses to wear it for work, saying that it is simply too special for that. I think Viktor & Rolf describe it a little better than me:

 " A thousand flowers in a perfume bottle. Full-bodied and opulent, Flowerbomb eau de parfum explodes in a bouquet of sensations with it's addictive floral notes which leave, their trail, like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture. "

That's a much better description than mine....and definitely so true. Like I said, it really does leave this beautiful trail wherever you go. It's just stunning.
You can purchase the perfume 
 What's your favourite scent? Have you tried this fragrance?

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Daphne Groeneveld for Dior Addict 2012 ♥

 All images: Google.co.uk
Daphne Groenveld
Definitely a new girl crush. Daphne Groenveld is the 17 year old, French model that has come to our attention recently due to her being the face of Dior Addict. The advert is feminine and fun, and made me want to prance around villages in France with my sunnies and a bright umbrella. I'm yet to smell the Dior Addict fragrance but I hope it's as feminine, sweet and summery as the advert portrays.

Daphne was recently interviewed for Dior, and the full interview is available

Have you seen the advertisement? Do you think Daphne is topped to be the "it" model?

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Estee Lauder 16 Candy Shimmer Long Lasting Lipstick review ♥

I love lipsticks, especially pink lipsticks...the brighter the better! I received this Estee Lauder lipstick as part of a promotion, therefore I didn't select the colour myself. I find that this usually means that you get a real awful shade like purple or black....but this is such a lovely shade of pink.
 I think it's a perfect shade for summer. It has a slight shimmer to it, but it's still wearable in the daytime without looking too overpowering. It glides onto my lips really well, and lasts for a few hours before I need to reapply. This is always after eating/ drinking etc, so I'm quite impressed with its wear ability. The only thing I'm not so keen on is its smell, which sounds a little strange. It actually reminds me of a scent of very cheap make up, for example free make up you'd receive in a child's magazine when you're little- I don't know if that's just me that thinks it has a smell? That's what it reminds me off though, and unfortunately takes the feeling away of the lipstick being a high end, luxury item.
 I actually really love the simplicity of the packaging, although I think it only looks this way as it was a sort of "freebie". I can't say I've seen any other Estee Lauder lipsticks in the same packaging, however Estee Lauder lipsticks always looks very chic and high end in their usual packaging, which I much prefer. Estee Lauder lipsticks usually range from £19.00 onwards, which I guess is a little pricey, however I think their products are amazing and justifies the price tag.
The lipstick is quite moisturising, so it glides on really well and is lovely and smooth. It's easy to build the colour up if you want a darker pink, which I've liked doing for nights out. I'm not sure if I'd pay the full retail price, but I'm really impressed with the product overall.

                                                         What's your favourite lipstick?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Best budget fake tan - St Moriz ♥

I think I may have found the best fake tan...and what's even better is the price! St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse cost me £2.99 form Home Bargains, but it most definitely is the quality of a high end product. The mousse dispenses well from the pump without too much mess, and it glides onto the skin easily. It's light and glides across the skin without sticking to any dry patches. I used a tanning mit, and was amazed with the quick results- No streaks or mess, just a lovely golden glow.
 Sorry for the bad quality photos...the lighting is terrible!

St Moriz say they are "A professional flawless tan, easy, no mess application". I agree. My tan looks flawless, and so professional. It doesn't feel sticky, takes a few minutes to dry and doesn't rub off on my clothes. It's also easy to get a more intense tan, so building up the colour is easy with a few more applications. It also doesn't smell! Honestly, I'm so impressed. I'll be honest, I'm quite lazy when it comes to exfoliating before applying a fake tan, but it doesn't seem to matter with this product. It just glides on and doesn't stick to any dry areas.
People keep asking me if I've been on holiday, which I always think is a good sign that my tan doesn't look fake. I'm totally against sun beds, so I think this is definitely a must have product for anybody this has a little addiction to fake tanning! It looks even better after a shower...it looks golden and gives me a healthy glow. 
This photo unfortunately makes my arm look slightly orange...I promise it's the horrible lighting!I purchased the product in Medium, but Light and Dark is available. I'd recommend getting Medium as it's fairly dark anyway and you can always build it up.

Have you tried this product before? What's your favourite tanning product?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Marie Claire August 2012 ♥

I'm sure all of you are quite aware that the UK Marie Claire has a pretty amazing freebie this month- a choice of three, full size, Avon Mascaras. I was really impressed and obviously purchased the magazine asap! I chose Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara, and I'm quite impressed.
 All three of the mascara wands looked amazing, but I picked this one as the wand reminded me of Max Factor False Lash Effect, which I love. It has a pretty similar effect, although I think the Max Factor mascara makes your lashes look fuller. The Avon mascara makes my lashes look super long and separated, but unfortunately I found it was really hard to make them look curved.
 I thought my lashes looked really pretty and natural though, so perfect for the daytime. I also used the mascara in the evening, and found it was easy to apply extra coatings to get a much fuller look. The only downside I've found to the mascara is that after a few hours wear, it seems to leave black splodges under my eyes. This has nothing to do with my foundation or concealer as I never have the same effect with a different mascara. This is the only problem really, and I guess it's quite a biggy....

Full blog review of the mascara coming soon...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a week...I've been training for my new job! Very exciting!
Have you bought Marie Claire this month?