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Monday, 18 June 2012

Best Budget Buy Shampoo- Claude Michel Great Hair ♥

I really like a good shampoo- I'm a massive fan of L'oreal, Pantene and John Freida especially. I rarely buy a hair product from a company that I haven't heard of or tried...but I did just that last week! I was firstly attracted to the large, bright pink bottle (I'm a sucker for anything pink and girlie), and the funky print on the bottle. It looked expensive, and had the appearance of a shampoo you'd purchase from a salon. Except this wasn't from a salon, it was heavily discounted at £1.99 for 1 litre. I was definitely intrigued, and bought it!
Claude Michel Great Hair Shampoo is from the company Baylis and Harding- yes, the company that make posh soap! I had no idea that they now had a shampoo range, but their soap range has proved very popular so I hoped their shampoo would be just as good. Well, I absolutely love it. Firstly, it smells gorgeous like raspberries, and leaves my hair (and bathroom) smelling very nice! The shampoo dispenses well from the pump, and it lathers really well. My hair is left beautifully soft, and my hair seems much easier to brush when wet. When my hair is dry it looks just as soft and shiny.
The shampoo is intended to volumise your hair, and I have the flattest hair so I thought this wouldn't really work. Although my hair wasn't left super bouncy, it definitely had a lot more bounce and oomph to it than usual. I literally cannot believe this product was £1.99, and for a litre! I really am impressed, and will definitely re purchase. I bought mine from Home Bargains, but I've also seen it in Tk Maxx for £3.99.

                        Have you tried this product before? What's your favourite shampoo?