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Friday, 6 September 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco in 49 Liaison Lipstick Review ♥

Whilst in New York, I purchased my first Chanel lipstick...such an exciting moment! I've bought Chanel products before, but this was to be my first lipstick. With a hefty price tag, I had high expectations. 
 I always seem to be drawn to pink/coral tones, and originally I went for shade 77 which was a beautiful dark pink/rose colour. When the sales lady said this shade was sold out, I was gutted. She instead suggested that I buy shade 49, which is a really similar colour. 
 So, does it live up to my expectations? Chanel describe the Rouge Cocoa range as a formula that "combines hydration and comfort. Created by CHANEL, the Hydratender complex delivers 8-hour hydration with a single application. The choice of pigments with an utmost quality optimises the formula’s comfort". 
Sounds very fancy.
Firstly, the shade is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for day and evening wear. Appearance wise it looks beautiful in its case. Chanel always looks classy and timeless, and I can't deny that I really enjoy whipping this lipstick out of my handbag. 
It applies beautifully, and is so soft and almost buttery. It definitely hydrates as it says, and my lips feel so soft for hours after application.
The are two downfalls to this product though- It doesn't last on my lips. I reckon a get a good hour out of this lipstick before I have to reapply. I don't think this is good enough for a product that has a price tag of £25.00. That brings me to point number two- the price. It's definitely very expensive for something that doesn't wear for long. Nevertheless, it is such a beautiful shade, and the packaging is gorgeous as always.
What do you think of Chanel lipsticks? Have you tried this product/shade before? 
You can buy this lipstick for £25.00 from Chanel.