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Saturday, 18 February 2012

DiorSkin Forever foundation review

I use lots of make up products like most of us girls do, but I do have my one staple product you might say, that I absolutely love and will never change. Around two years ago, I was reading a magazine and came across a free sample of the DiorSkin Forever foundation and used it to see what it was like. Well, I was so impressed that I have used it every single day for the last two years and I can't say enough good things about it.
 Dior say the product provides "extreme wear flawless make up", and I can't disagree. Firstly the price, at £27 (30ml) may be considered very expensive, but the one bottle lasts me six months. I used to use drugstore foundation, which I'd constantly be reapplying over and over again throughout the day as it wouldn't last, and therefore I'd use the bottle so quickly that I'd have to buy another one a month later. This would add up in price obviously, so therefore it works out much better to buy a product of better quality...and this really is better quality. I use the foundation with a primer, and it sits on my face perfectly and will lasts literally, all day.
 The packaging is gorgeous too. It's quite heavy glass, and has a lovely blue top with the Christian Dior imprint.
 It has a lovely, creamy consistency and doesn't cake my skin. I unfortunately have quite large pores, but this foundation covers them up really well without clogging my pores and causing spots, which I think is a real bonus. Some foundations can be so cakey, and I'm prone to spots so this is a definite must. It's also very easy to blend and sits well, especially with a pressed powder finish. It also has a beautiful smell too, which I can't quite describe.
 Not the best photo, but I like to think it shows how natural the foundation looks on my face. One of my friends always says I have such creamy, velvety skin, which really isn't true, it's just the foundation...it's magic!

What's your favourite foundation?