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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The sun has not got his hat on...now, where's my umbrella?

Yesterday I spent some shopping time in Liverpool. I love Liverpool. I love the docks. I don't love standing by the docks when it is raining and cold. This means I spent quite a bit more time shopping, which also means that I spent too much money! Oh dear.

Primark was there. It had five floors. My wages obviously disappeared!
Here are some of my finds. 
Wall art, £3, Primark.
Double duvet, £6 from £11, Primark.
Shoes, £8, Primark.
Dress, £10, Primark.
Trench coat, £25, Primark.
Cardigan, £12, Primark.
Snood, £5, matching mittens, £3, both Primark.
Pajama bottoms, £5, Primark.
So, my love of Primark again emptied my purse. I didn't stop there though...I then moved on to Topshop. Bad move. Silly move. I've been badly in love with this coat, and I know come the end of cold September it will be gone. I've seen a few blogs about it, and two of my friends already have it...so I jumped on in and bought it....for £75. It's worth it, I'll wear it all winter and it's very, very pretty. I'm not feeling guilty at all....just a little.

It looks massive, but it's actually a size 8. I'm usually a size 10 but the coat comes up rather big. I really love it. The faux fur is so lovely and soft and doesn't have a cheap feel at all. It also has a lovely, snugly hood as well. I'm very pleased. I know it's already had quite a few reviews on the Topshop website.
Finally, I bought the book, One Day.
I've completely joined on the bandwagon which I'm sure irritates the hardcore, original lovers of this book. My friend read it a few years ago and just loved it. I'm so excited to read it. I got it from HMV like a fool, as I know Waterstones are currently doing a deal on this book.

Have a lovely day, and don't forget your umbrella! It's pretty miserable in most parts of England today!
Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So, I kinda made some shoes...

I found some shoes that I was absolutely in love with. However, the price tag, I wasn't. Even in the sale, they were £60. So I decided to recreate my own. Off I headed to Primark, where I bought some plain, Navy blue ballet flats for £4. I then searched through their accessories, where I found a peacock broach reduced to 50p, so I purchased two....and this is what I recreated for £5......
So many people keep complementing me on them and asking me where they're from....good old, trustee Primark and a little imagination.

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Lets go and get glossy....

I had a terrible day at work, but came home to my first ever Glossybox. Horrah! Properly excited. I basically tore the box open a bit too excited, as my mum watched and looked confused. Ha. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the products...not hugely wowed by them, but they'll do.
What did I get from GlossyBox?

  • Daniel Sandler, Baby Jet mascara- I've seen a few reviews for the latest Glossybox, but I appear to be the only person that didn't get the jumbo mascara? Strange. I wish I did, because I'm not really that impressed with the babyjet mascara. Apparently, it's ideal for "very short lashes around the inner and outer corner of the eye. The Micro-Fine brush is perfect for precise, non-messy application". However, it is not. I was actually quite looking forward to using it, but I found it difficult to use a little and I ended up with quite clumpy, little lashes. 
  • Murad, Time Release Blemish Concealer- "Clinically proven to increase cell turnover, it reduces blemishes while diminishing wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth and glowing!" I love this product. I can't comment on diminishing wrinkles, as at 21 I have few. However, I've recently had horrible skin, due to starting a new summer job which isn't great for my skin at all. I've used this product for the last four days and my skin has visibly improved. Far few spots and my skin is so soft. I love applying it to my face too...it's like I've splashed my face in cold water, and that fresh feeling lasts for ages.
  • Ahava, Mineral body lotion- "Richly moisturizing lotion draws on the properties of Dead Sea minerals to effectively hydrate, nourish and protect the skin". I love the smell, which is pretty difficult to describe! It left my legs all soft, and smooth. Lovely product.
  • KMS California, Hairstay Style boost- "Primer for your hair. The foam-to-liquid crackle formula enhances natural movement and bounce whilst boosting the performance of styling product for style that lasts". It's hard to comment. I find this product a little strange. When I squirt the product into my hand, yes, it crackles, but it also freezes my hand. It is literally, freezing, and you have to wait until it's liquid. Not pleasant. It also clumps in my hair and dries rock hard if you haven't managed to brush the product out before blow drying. I will say my hair looked shinier and was a lot smoother, but I just don't understand the product. It wasn't a primer, wasn't that great to use, and I was left with a frozen hand...
  • Rebel Nails, Nail Wraps- "Easy to apply, long lasting and kind to nails". I haven't used this product yet and I'm not sure I will as I'm not so keen on the style (as shown in the photo), although I;m sure they're great for someone who wants a set of funky toenails!

GlossyBox is currently £10 per month, although the price is rising to £12. I love the pretty packaging, and overall you get some quality items. I'm hoping next time there will be more make-up products!
Have a look:

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh, so very pleased indeed...

A week ago I heard from a friend that she had manged to purchase some Agent Provocateur underwear for £20 (amazing), from £190. I'd never pay that much for a bra...no, I could never afford to pay that much for a bra; but I got a little excited when I heard about this sale!
The package came today!
I am pleased...very pleased.

 Agent Provocateur- £20, from £190.

 Agent Provocateur- £10, from £50.

What a lovely, little treat, especially when I only spent £30, and originally it should have cost £200 for this beautiful luxury.

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Monday, 8 August 2011

oh, so pretty!

Just a little post to show you the little treats I found in the Topshop sale! This fabulous necklace (the photos don't quite show how beautiful and unique it is!) and this lovely "woah, in your face" ring!
Necklace- £4 from £14, Topshop.
Ring, £2.50 from £10, Topshop.

Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Friday, 5 August 2011

I've been totally restored!

So my cheeky Sainsbury's "food" shop turned into a full on beauty products shop. Oops.
On offer was L'oreals Full restore night serum.
A leave-in night serum that should revive limp hair.
" As you awake, rediscover the sensation of truly replenished hair".
I'm a huge fan of pretty much all L'oreal products, and just love their gorgeous shampoos. My hair has lost its ooo la la at the moment, and is is much need of a good oomph without having to empty my purse.
I love the results!
  • I hate sticky serums that make my hair look greasy, but this doesn't do that at all. I applied it to my damp hair and ran my fingers through it before blow drying. The serum could be evenly applied, wasn't to sticky and didn't clump in my hair.
  • My hair was left beautifully soft and shiny, and generally looked a lot healthier.
  • The smell. Yes, your usual L'oreal smell, which I rather like.
  • Even when using heated appliances, the lovely texture wasn't ruined and the volume wasn't lost.
  • The price- £2.99 on offer at Sainsbury's....doesn't break the piggy bank and is a lovely quick fix in between visiting the hairdressers.
  • I didn't use the serum everyday, and my hair still remained lovely and soft throughout hair washes.

                                            I couldn't give you one!
   I definitely recommend you give this one a try, especially when it's on offer!

                                    Love, Sophie Olivia x x

Monday, 1 August 2011

And she was a very grumpy lady indeed

 I can't seem to sleep even though I am a very tired little lady. I'm going to be so grumpy tomorrow! Anyway, just been having a cheeky little play on polyvore (I'm very new to it), and created this outfit. I'm sure you think it's terrible. I don't play by the fashion rules...I put navy and black together most days and think it looks great. Oh dear.
 Anyway, this isn't really my style, but sometimes I find myself looking and creating outfits that really aren't "me". I think that's fun though.
London lovin'

TopShop heart shirt
$40 - topshop.com
TopShop buckle jacket
$110 - topshop.com
TopShop hot denim shorts
$56 - topshop.com
TopShop sand boots
$140 - topshop.com
TopShop tan handbag
$75 - topshop.com
Kenneth Jay Lane amethyst jewelry
£110 - harveynichols.com
Urban Outfitters vintage style jewelry
$14 - urbanoutfitters.com
TopShop polka dot scarve
$32 - topshop.com
TopShop leather belt
$56 - topshop.com

                          Good night, sweet dreams...
                                   Love, Sophie Olivia x x