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Monday, 22 August 2011

Lets go and get glossy....

I had a terrible day at work, but came home to my first ever Glossybox. Horrah! Properly excited. I basically tore the box open a bit too excited, as my mum watched and looked confused. Ha. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the products...not hugely wowed by them, but they'll do.
What did I get from GlossyBox?

  • Daniel Sandler, Baby Jet mascara- I've seen a few reviews for the latest Glossybox, but I appear to be the only person that didn't get the jumbo mascara? Strange. I wish I did, because I'm not really that impressed with the babyjet mascara. Apparently, it's ideal for "very short lashes around the inner and outer corner of the eye. The Micro-Fine brush is perfect for precise, non-messy application". However, it is not. I was actually quite looking forward to using it, but I found it difficult to use a little and I ended up with quite clumpy, little lashes. 
  • Murad, Time Release Blemish Concealer- "Clinically proven to increase cell turnover, it reduces blemishes while diminishing wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth and glowing!" I love this product. I can't comment on diminishing wrinkles, as at 21 I have few. However, I've recently had horrible skin, due to starting a new summer job which isn't great for my skin at all. I've used this product for the last four days and my skin has visibly improved. Far few spots and my skin is so soft. I love applying it to my face too...it's like I've splashed my face in cold water, and that fresh feeling lasts for ages.
  • Ahava, Mineral body lotion- "Richly moisturizing lotion draws on the properties of Dead Sea minerals to effectively hydrate, nourish and protect the skin". I love the smell, which is pretty difficult to describe! It left my legs all soft, and smooth. Lovely product.
  • KMS California, Hairstay Style boost- "Primer for your hair. The foam-to-liquid crackle formula enhances natural movement and bounce whilst boosting the performance of styling product for style that lasts". It's hard to comment. I find this product a little strange. When I squirt the product into my hand, yes, it crackles, but it also freezes my hand. It is literally, freezing, and you have to wait until it's liquid. Not pleasant. It also clumps in my hair and dries rock hard if you haven't managed to brush the product out before blow drying. I will say my hair looked shinier and was a lot smoother, but I just don't understand the product. It wasn't a primer, wasn't that great to use, and I was left with a frozen hand...
  • Rebel Nails, Nail Wraps- "Easy to apply, long lasting and kind to nails". I haven't used this product yet and I'm not sure I will as I'm not so keen on the style (as shown in the photo), although I;m sure they're great for someone who wants a set of funky toenails!

GlossyBox is currently £10 per month, although the price is rising to £12. I love the pretty packaging, and overall you get some quality items. I'm hoping next time there will be more make-up products!
Have a look:

Love, Sophie Olivia x x