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Monday, 27 February 2012

The best of the Oscars 2012

Did you manage to catch The Oscars last night? I love to stay up and see what all of the celebrities are wearing...and while there were some beautiful gowns this year, there were also plenty of the bad.
Michelle Williams blew me away in this dress...it's absolutely stunning. I think she has amazing style, and I was really looking forward to seeing what she would be wearing, as she never gets it wrong. Seen here in her coral, Louis Vuitton dress, she looks absolutely flawless. Red seemed to be a winner at The Oscars...
Natalie Portman was seen in the stunning red, polka dot vintage Haute Couture Christian Dior gown. I think it's quite simple, but very elegant and perfectly accessorised. 
Penelope Cruz looked just as stunning as usual in this stunning, blue gown. I love her hair...very 40s. 
All images: Google.
Whose dress did you like? Were there any dresses that you thought were a big no no?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I need these in my life, thanks.

I wish spring would hurry up. I just want to wear all of my pretty, floral dresses, my sandals and sunnies....and not worry that I'm going to freeze without a coat. I'm loving all of the pastel colours that seem to be coming our way this spring....not long now until the sun will be shining.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Burberry at London Fashion Week

I think Burberry at London Fashion Week was flawless. The pieces were so beautiful and elegant, and just very, very English. I particularly loved the coats and the leather bow that was used to accessorise and accentuate the waist. Oh, I wish I could have gone to London Fashion week!
 Have you been lucky to attend London Fashion Week? Have you been impressed by any particular designers and collections?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let's get rollin'

 I'm having a 1940's themed party for my 22nd next month, and I thought I'd try and create some 40's esq curls with my curlers and some rollers. It was actually quite difficult as my hair is so fine and quite silky.
 I don't own heated rollers so I had to improvise a little, and curled my hair first with a curling tongue. Once the rollers were in place, I blasted my hair with a hot hair dryer, and sprayed a little hairspray to keep everything in place. Don't forget to use a little heat defence spray....I personally like Toni and Guy defence spray as it makes your hair smell so lovely.
 It seemed to work pretty well, but I had great difficulty trying to recreate a 1940's hairstyle as my hair is so fine. I think I'll use a serum next time so I give my hair a little bounce and volume.
 As you can see, it just needs a little more volume at the front where I've pinned the hair back. I'll keep practising, but if you have any ideas then I'd love to know!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

DiorSkin Forever foundation review

I use lots of make up products like most of us girls do, but I do have my one staple product you might say, that I absolutely love and will never change. Around two years ago, I was reading a magazine and came across a free sample of the DiorSkin Forever foundation and used it to see what it was like. Well, I was so impressed that I have used it every single day for the last two years and I can't say enough good things about it.
 Dior say the product provides "extreme wear flawless make up", and I can't disagree. Firstly the price, at £27 (30ml) may be considered very expensive, but the one bottle lasts me six months. I used to use drugstore foundation, which I'd constantly be reapplying over and over again throughout the day as it wouldn't last, and therefore I'd use the bottle so quickly that I'd have to buy another one a month later. This would add up in price obviously, so therefore it works out much better to buy a product of better quality...and this really is better quality. I use the foundation with a primer, and it sits on my face perfectly and will lasts literally, all day.
 The packaging is gorgeous too. It's quite heavy glass, and has a lovely blue top with the Christian Dior imprint.
 It has a lovely, creamy consistency and doesn't cake my skin. I unfortunately have quite large pores, but this foundation covers them up really well without clogging my pores and causing spots, which I think is a real bonus. Some foundations can be so cakey, and I'm prone to spots so this is a definite must. It's also very easy to blend and sits well, especially with a pressed powder finish. It also has a beautiful smell too, which I can't quite describe.
 Not the best photo, but I like to think it shows how natural the foundation looks on my face. One of my friends always says I have such creamy, velvety skin, which really isn't true, it's just the foundation...it's magic!

What's your favourite foundation?

Oh, to be a domestic Goddess for the day!

I decided I'd make some yummy scones today as a little treat for me and my flatmates. They're so easy to make, and literally take around thirty minutes until you can eat them with a lovely, cup of tea!


 Now I absolutely hate currants, so I decided to use mini, chocolate balls for some of mine, and left the others plain. You can use anything you like though....strawberries or blueberries are also a lovely choice!
 I look a little washed out on this photo...it's just so hard being a domestic goddess! ha. If you'd like to start baking or try something easy, then I'd definitely recommend making scones!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Oh, so scandalous!

Rimmel's new mascara VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes definitely has big results. With a massive wand, I was hoping that my lashes would be long and luscious...and I wasn't disappointed. Rimmel promise the mascara will mean that "No lash can escape! Scandalous volume, no clumps!". Well...
I have to be honest, and say that I really hate the packaging. Yes, it definitely caught my eye at the counter, but the colour is so bright. I think it looks quite unsightly, and I wouldn't really want to get it out in front of people. Maybe that's just me...
 I think the results are amazing though. They're thick, but not clumpy, and so long and separated. The brush however is quite hard to use, and I struggled to get to the more tinier lashes in the corner of my eyes, and also my bottom lashes. This was slightly annoying, as I ended up with lots of tiny, black dots and splodges under my eyes and my eyelid. Although the results are pretty good, it did take a long time to achieve, and is definitely something I wouldn't be able to use if I was in a rush.
RRP £6.99, however Boots are currently offering £2.00 off.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Day Nails

 Look created with Leighton Denny in BabyDoll, 17 Nail Xtras Glitter Top Coat, and Models Own nail art pen.
 Have a fabulous Valentines day everybody!