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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let's talk smear tests...

 Please take take to read a very important post
This is a different sort of post for me. It doesn't involve any make-up reviews, fashion or baking, and I guess it isn't too nice a subject to discuss...perhaps a little embarrassing and personal. I'm really worried how this sort of post will sit with many of you, but I feel it's really important to discuss. This week, although only about to turn 22, I had to have a smear test. I won't go in to details as to why I had to have it so early, but I had to have it, and was beyond nervous. I literally felt like I could have passed out at the doctors, and was a shaky, nervous wreck! Let's be honest, the thought of a stranger poking around your most private of areas is not something that anyone would look forward to! However, I knew it was for the good of my health, so I had to be a grown up and just get on with it!

Now I had a lovely nurse, who made me feel really comfortable and explained to me everything that she was doing, step by step. She was really good at trying to make me feel like I hadn't lost all dignity, and kept me covered so I didn't feel exposed....although I was very conscious that my legs were open and there was a massive light shining down on me. What happens next, is that a speculum is inserted and widened to around 10cm until the cervix can be seen. Now this was my biggest worry....I've heard horror stories and thought it would really hurt, but it didn't at all. It felt quite uncomfortable, and you can definitely feel it there, but it most definitely didn't hurt. The swab stick, which looks like a massive cotton bud with a little brush is then inserted and swept along the surface of the cervix to gather cells. This feels a little strange, and you're very conscious that there is something down there that doesn't quite feel right!

Once this has happened, the brush is removed, the speculum closed and gently removed, and wallah! That is it. It really isn't painful at all, and after having my first smear, I feel concerned for the women that miss their smear test because they feel it will hurt or be embarrassing. Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but the nurse sees ladies private areas for a living, so really, it's nothing she hasn't seen! It was over within less than ten minutes, and I instantly felt better, just knowing that I had completed a step that may better my health.

In England, you are invited for a smear test from the age of 25 in order to check the cells of the cervix. Having a smear test can show whether there are any abnormal cells, and these can be treated so they don't become cancerous....that's why they're so, so important. I think we all remember Jade Goody, who unfortunately missed a smear test which could have saved her life. She was so young, which shows that just because we're in our 20's, we're not invincible to cancer. There was a huge rise in women of similar age having smear tests at the time of Jade Goody's highly publicised diagnosis, but unfortunately, the statistics show that three years after her death, this has dropped again, and 1 in 5 British women are risking their health by not having a smear test.  The NHS state that 2,900 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK, and since the 1980's smear tests have contributed to the drop in cervical cancer cases by 7%. So why aren't women going for their smear test?

If you are due a smear test, are due the dreaded letter, or will be having your first smear in a few years, please remember it really is ok. It can save your life, so please, please go! 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No7 Extravagant Volume...woosh!

 I love mascaras, and I'm always trying new ones, so when I saw that No7 had brought out their new addition of mascara, No7 Extravagant Volume, I had to get it! It doesn't disappoint at all. The brush is amazing, and gives me long, separated lashes. Boots say No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara will give you elegant, fluttering, show-girl lashes that really open your eyes. No7 Extravagant Lashes has an innovative brush shape that features a combination of bristles with unique-shaped discs that are designed to reach the very base of your lashes, separating and lifting each one and giving unbeatable volume and curl.
The mascara also contains  memory polymer ingredient that sets your lashes in place, locking in lift and curl- so your lashes stay flirty and fluttery for longer.
 I think this has to be my favourite No 7 mascara. Although retailing at the high end of No 7 mascaras at £12.50, it really is worth it. My lashes looked lovely, and very fluttery (perfect for the summer!) I love the brush too. It's so easy to use, especially in getting to the smaller lashes in the corner of my eyes. I can't stand big brushes (I especially wasn't keen of Rimmel Scandalouseyes' brush), as it makes it near impossible to get to every lash.
At the moment, with every purchase of this mascara, you can get a free No7 smoky powder eyeliner, which is worth £9.75...so definitely worth buying the product! 
Have you tried this mascara?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Oh my, it's hot!

Hasen't the weather been just gorgeous the last few days? I'm so excited to finally see the sun, and I've been trying to sun myself on the rooftop of my flat...but managed to badly burn! Yesterday me and my friends went to visit Aston Memorial. It was absolutely beautiful weather, and it was somewhere I always wanted to go; but it's on a massive hill, so it's not a place you should visit when the weather is bad.
 The views were amazing. I could have stood here and admired the views for hours, but it was far too hot, and I was beginning to frazzle. The building reminds me of something out of a Disney film, and there was a wedding that was about to take place as we were leaving. I couldn't think of a more stunning place to get married and on such a gorgeous day.
This was the entrance to the wedding. Inside, the venue was circular with chairs going all around the outside. The sun was shining through the large, glass windows, and I can imagine it was a really lovely ceremony.

Did you do anything nice to celebrate the rare sunshine we've been having?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My 22nd...1940's style!

 On Friday, I celebrated my 22nd in style...1940's style! My lovely friend, Joanna made me this gorgeous cake, inspired by my afternoon tea theme.
 It was such a fantastic evening. We eat so much cake, drank so much tea and a little too much wine! All of my friends made such an amazing effort with the theme, and at times I thought I'd been transported back in time!
We played silly, children's games like Pin the tail on the donkey...I lost miserably (I never was good at the game!). 
I made these delicious cupcakes too! I love baking, and spent the whole afternoon preparing for the party, including lots of finger sandwiches! It really was the most fabulous evening!

Did you do anything nice this weekend? Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Olivia Palermo for Lifestyle magazine

Olivia Palmero is featured looking her usual amazing self for Lifestyle Mirror. A new website, designed to show celebrities in their natural habitats, has decided to feature Olivia and her gorgeous boyfriend in the Paris hotel Le Meurice.
                                                                            photos: Google images.
 I have to admit, I never like Olivia in The City. She appeared a bit too sure of herself, but I always hoped this was to create a little drama for the show. I tried so much to not like her, but she was just so graceful with such amazing style, that she turned into one of my favourite style icons. What's great about this shoot, is that you can shop the whole shoot! Yes, really...even her rug! Well, it's all a touch too expensive, but I think it's a great idea.


What do you think of Olivia Palmero? Would you consider her a style icon?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Elle vs Vogue

I have a big addiction to fashion and beauty magazines. I buy them religiously. Since being a student I've had to make the decision to buy one main fashion magazine though, but it's been a difficult choice. I love Elle, and I love Vogue, so I always swap and buy one or the other each month....but this month, that was a little more difficult!
 The beautiful Sienna Miller was gracing the front cover of Vogue, and I've always had a girl crush on Sienna since the days of Jude Law and Alfie. I love her flawless style, and wanted to be her in the days where she was the number one girl for bohemian style. I thought she looked amazing on the cover of Vogue, and the colours were so bright and summery that I had to buy it! This meant that I couldn't buy Elle if I was going to stick to be goal, but then look who was on the cover...
 I love the Olsen's, as most girls do. I love their unusual style, and they're so rare at giving interviews nowadays that I thought it was completely necessary that I bought it (I really talked myself into it!). I loved their interview too, so it was well worth it!

                                   Do you buy Elle or Vogue? What's your favourite magazine?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Gossips ♥

♥ I can't believe how fast the week has gone! I've had so much work to do, which I'm sure has a lot to do with how this week has flown by. Today was the first day in a really long time that I've managed to go outside in any other shoe but a boot. I've lived in my boots all Winter, and today I braved the outside and whipped my ballet flats out. A little pathetic I know, but I can't begin to tell you how rubbish I am with the cold! It felt nice to get a little sun on my bare feet...the slight bit of sunshine made me excited for the summer.

♥ My boyfriend came to stay with me this weekend, and I got spoilt rotten. Being a poor student is hard, especially when you see so many pretty dresses in the shop windows, but I am always spoilt by him. I'm excited to graduate soon and earn my own money, so I can repay the favour...and buy lots of nice dresses, obviously!
♥ I've been getting ready for my 1940's party, which is in five days! Very exciting. I've been looking at recipe books and trying to find some silly, old fashioned games to play. I was trying to get inspired and did a little googling, to which I found this beautiful vintage inspired blog http://www.diaryofavintagegirl.com/. The lady has the most stunning, and original choice of styling. Take a look at some photos from her beautiful blog.
 ♥ I'd just like to say hello to my new followers too. I've had some really lovely comments over the last few months, and it's all very appreciated. I really enjoy blogging, and it's lovely when others enjoy reading your posts, so thank you!

        Hope everybody has had a lovely weekend! Have you done anything nice with your weekend?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Because every girl deserves a pretty pair of shoes...

Now I don't need anymore shoes. I have far too many, but I am a big sucker for shoes and when I saw these I just knew I had to have them. They're pretty, sparkly and a little shiny, so I knew I had to have them in my life (ha, I'm like a magpie!). My boyfriend couldn't understand where I'd ever wear such a shiny shoe. I told him I'd wear them for a simple stroll in town, which he found very strange...but I think it's always important to dress up.

Available from Next, £25.00.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Weekend Wishes ♥