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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Elle vs Vogue

I have a big addiction to fashion and beauty magazines. I buy them religiously. Since being a student I've had to make the decision to buy one main fashion magazine though, but it's been a difficult choice. I love Elle, and I love Vogue, so I always swap and buy one or the other each month....but this month, that was a little more difficult!
 The beautiful Sienna Miller was gracing the front cover of Vogue, and I've always had a girl crush on Sienna since the days of Jude Law and Alfie. I love her flawless style, and wanted to be her in the days where she was the number one girl for bohemian style. I thought she looked amazing on the cover of Vogue, and the colours were so bright and summery that I had to buy it! This meant that I couldn't buy Elle if I was going to stick to be goal, but then look who was on the cover...
 I love the Olsen's, as most girls do. I love their unusual style, and they're so rare at giving interviews nowadays that I thought it was completely necessary that I bought it (I really talked myself into it!). I loved their interview too, so it was well worth it!

                                   Do you buy Elle or Vogue? What's your favourite magazine?