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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Oh my, it's hot!

Hasen't the weather been just gorgeous the last few days? I'm so excited to finally see the sun, and I've been trying to sun myself on the rooftop of my flat...but managed to badly burn! Yesterday me and my friends went to visit Aston Memorial. It was absolutely beautiful weather, and it was somewhere I always wanted to go; but it's on a massive hill, so it's not a place you should visit when the weather is bad.
 The views were amazing. I could have stood here and admired the views for hours, but it was far too hot, and I was beginning to frazzle. The building reminds me of something out of a Disney film, and there was a wedding that was about to take place as we were leaving. I couldn't think of a more stunning place to get married and on such a gorgeous day.
This was the entrance to the wedding. Inside, the venue was circular with chairs going all around the outside. The sun was shining through the large, glass windows, and I can imagine it was a really lovely ceremony.

Did you do anything nice to celebrate the rare sunshine we've been having?