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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let's get rollin'

 I'm having a 1940's themed party for my 22nd next month, and I thought I'd try and create some 40's esq curls with my curlers and some rollers. It was actually quite difficult as my hair is so fine and quite silky.
 I don't own heated rollers so I had to improvise a little, and curled my hair first with a curling tongue. Once the rollers were in place, I blasted my hair with a hot hair dryer, and sprayed a little hairspray to keep everything in place. Don't forget to use a little heat defence spray....I personally like Toni and Guy defence spray as it makes your hair smell so lovely.
 It seemed to work pretty well, but I had great difficulty trying to recreate a 1940's hairstyle as my hair is so fine. I think I'll use a serum next time so I give my hair a little bounce and volume.
 As you can see, it just needs a little more volume at the front where I've pinned the hair back. I'll keep practising, but if you have any ideas then I'd love to know!