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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The sun has not got his hat on...now, where's my umbrella?

Yesterday I spent some shopping time in Liverpool. I love Liverpool. I love the docks. I don't love standing by the docks when it is raining and cold. This means I spent quite a bit more time shopping, which also means that I spent too much money! Oh dear.

Primark was there. It had five floors. My wages obviously disappeared!
Here are some of my finds. 
Wall art, £3, Primark.
Double duvet, £6 from £11, Primark.
Shoes, £8, Primark.
Dress, £10, Primark.
Trench coat, £25, Primark.
Cardigan, £12, Primark.
Snood, £5, matching mittens, £3, both Primark.
Pajama bottoms, £5, Primark.
So, my love of Primark again emptied my purse. I didn't stop there though...I then moved on to Topshop. Bad move. Silly move. I've been badly in love with this coat, and I know come the end of cold September it will be gone. I've seen a few blogs about it, and two of my friends already have it...so I jumped on in and bought it....for £75. It's worth it, I'll wear it all winter and it's very, very pretty. I'm not feeling guilty at all....just a little.

It looks massive, but it's actually a size 8. I'm usually a size 10 but the coat comes up rather big. I really love it. The faux fur is so lovely and soft and doesn't have a cheap feel at all. It also has a lovely, snugly hood as well. I'm very pleased. I know it's already had quite a few reviews on the Topshop website.
Finally, I bought the book, One Day.
I've completely joined on the bandwagon which I'm sure irritates the hardcore, original lovers of this book. My friend read it a few years ago and just loved it. I'm so excited to read it. I got it from HMV like a fool, as I know Waterstones are currently doing a deal on this book.

Have a lovely day, and don't forget your umbrella! It's pretty miserable in most parts of England today!
Love, Sophie Olivia x x