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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My whole outfit for £16....fabulous....

My friend Sophie celebrated her 21st birthday last Saturday. It was going to be a very dressy occasion, and this worried me a little. I have many dresses, all of which I have worn hundreds of time, and I really felt that this occasion deserved a lovely, new dress! However, I'm rather strapped for cash....so yes, obviously my friend, Primark helped me out.

All Primark- Dress, £10, belt, £2, bag, £4.
I also got the most lovely nail polish from No 7. They are currently doing the £5 No7 vouchers at Boots, therefore, the polish was £2 instead of £7.
This colour is brand new to Boots, and called Midnight dream. All I will say, is that the consistency was terrible. I had to apply five coats of polish until I was satisfied with the colour, however, after a lot of time waiting for it to dry, I was very happy!
Happy Birthday to my lovely and beautiful friend Sophie. 
I was in pure jealousy of her Topshop dress.

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing!
Love, Sophie Olivia x x