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Friday, 5 August 2011

I've been totally restored!

So my cheeky Sainsbury's "food" shop turned into a full on beauty products shop. Oops.
On offer was L'oreals Full restore night serum.
A leave-in night serum that should revive limp hair.
" As you awake, rediscover the sensation of truly replenished hair".
I'm a huge fan of pretty much all L'oreal products, and just love their gorgeous shampoos. My hair has lost its ooo la la at the moment, and is is much need of a good oomph without having to empty my purse.
I love the results!
  • I hate sticky serums that make my hair look greasy, but this doesn't do that at all. I applied it to my damp hair and ran my fingers through it before blow drying. The serum could be evenly applied, wasn't to sticky and didn't clump in my hair.
  • My hair was left beautifully soft and shiny, and generally looked a lot healthier.
  • The smell. Yes, your usual L'oreal smell, which I rather like.
  • Even when using heated appliances, the lovely texture wasn't ruined and the volume wasn't lost.
  • The price- £2.99 on offer at Sainsbury's....doesn't break the piggy bank and is a lovely quick fix in between visiting the hairdressers.
  • I didn't use the serum everyday, and my hair still remained lovely and soft throughout hair washes.

                                            I couldn't give you one!
   I definitely recommend you give this one a try, especially when it's on offer!

                                    Love, Sophie Olivia x x