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Friday, 27 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012 ♥

I was going to cancel my subscription last month, and then I thought I'd give it one last try. I've been really disappointed with Glossybox in the past few months. I didn't feel the products were high end as advertised, nor did I feel I was getting variety in products. I still feel the same this month. I seem to get so many products for anti ageing (I've filled in a profile, but it doesn't seem like they are aware I'm 22 years old!), or really horrible scents (this month is no exception), or Monu products ( I like them, but a girl can only have so many Monu products!). People seem to get the HD brows products, but I never received the tweezers as many did in their last box, or the HD brows palette as some have this month. 
I'm not saying the products aren't great at all, but I always seem to have Monu products in every box, and I've already received Paul Mitchel products. I also don't think a teeny perfume sample (that smells rather bad) can count as an actual product in a box that costs £12.95. The Jelly Pong Pong Lip frosting was really lovely and sweet, but I actually already have a full sized tube of this, not that that's Glossybox's fault!
I think what saved this box for me was the Nuxe oil for M&S beauty, which can be applied to face, body and hair. I don't use very many body oils, so it was nice to try a new product, not only from a different brand but I hadn't received anything similar from another Glossybox. The Paul Mitchel Moisture Mist was also another nice product, which can be used on skin or hair. To be honest, it hasn't done much for my hair or face, but it definitely felt refreshing on a hot day. 
I think the time may have come to cancel my box however, or even try a new beauty box. I just don't feel Glossybox offers "luxury products...from high end brands" as they say. I used to love receiving my Glossybox each month, but now I feel slightly conned.

Sorry for my massive rant! What did you think of your Glossybox?
Hope you weren't disappointed!