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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Enough of the Ice Queen...

I am literally so, so pale. I'm all up for embracing my pale side, but when somebody actually gasps when you try something on, well, that's when you know that you need to take action! I've never been that great at applying fake tan. L'oreal is my favourite brand for fake tan, and I usually stick with it because I know and trust it. Enough was enough though, and I decided I needed a real Christmas glow...
Hello, my friend St. Tropez.

Not being a regular user of fake tan, I wanted to play it safe, so I bought St. Tropez Everyday. It says on the bottle that it is perfect for legs, but I literally used it everywhere. 
It says it will give
"A gradual self tan and flawless finish of instant bronze specially for legs. Infused with soothing aloe and a marine extract, you will have a gorgeous natural looking tan"

The bottle is a duo, with the white pump providing a silky moisturiser, and the black pump providing the fake tan. Now I found this a little difficult in all honesty. Perhaps I had a faulty bottle, but when I tried to use the white pump, the black side would also squirt the fake tan out. Maybe this is what is meant to happen, however after a lot of trial and error, I found it was best to use more moisturiser, and a a small, splodge of the tan as it's very, very dark. 

The moisturiser in the white pump is fantastic! I could literally use it all on it's own. It gives a gorgeous, silky, smooth effect- juuust lovely.
Now wait until you see the colour that comes out of the black pump...
Yes, VERY dark. This initially took me by surprise, especially as the tan is meant to have that everyday look. This is why I like to use more moisturiser than tan. I didn't like the colour when I used the same amount of both moisturiser and tan, and also the tan is so thick that it doesn't blend easily and it makes it difficult to get rid of tan lines. However if you manage to use more moisturiser then the tan is gorgeous. Really natural and fresh.
One thing that St. Tropez did say that was a clear lie however,
"Our innovative fragrance technology helps to take away the tell-tale tanning aroma to make way for a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance"
Well, initially yes. When you first apply it, I thought it smelt bloomin' gorgeous...then it dried. That nasty, biscuity fake tan smell was there. It was even worse after a few hours of dancing, so I'm sure I was a right treat to dance next to!

It retails at £24.99, however I bought mine from TKMaxx for £9.99. Definitely a great place to buy any St. Tropes product as they are always there and heavily discounted.

Love, Sophie Olivia x x