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Saturday, 13 July 2013

July Flavour Box 2013 ♥

I just love food, and to know that there is a food box that can be delivered to your door each month, well, I wanted one. Flavour Boxes retail at £14.99 and are delivered to your door each month. The idea of Flavour Boxes is that you get to try gourmet food that perhaps you wouldn't put in your basket on a usual shopping trip. When I heard the retail price, I thought it was a little steep, however when my box arrived I was so impressed. The food really is high quality and super delicious! 
 This month I received some delicious treats....the contents retailed around the £30.00 mark, so definitely worth the price you pay for the box. My favourite food in the box was Joeseph's Aromatic and Nutty popcorn....oh, it is so yummy! Very calorific, but so worth it. The box was a mixture of healthy food, and some naughty treats. 
The box also included an award winning Spicky Korma kit from Kents Kitchen- Super easy to use, natural ingredients and delicious!

 Ilumi Pork, Mushrooms and Madeira- This was perfect to use after a long day at work, when you just can't be bothered to cook a full meal. The pouch contains delicious, natural ingredients- so guilt free food...even when using a microwave to heat it! I simply added rice, and had a delicious meal in less than ten minutes. 

Camomile and Lavender flowers tea (caffeine free)- I wasn't so sure about this product when I first saw it, but was keen to give it a taste. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I personally really enjoyed it. It was fantastic at calming and relaxing after a day at work. 

Supernatural Energy drink- I personally don't drink energy drinks. I don't like the thought of what I could be putting into my body. What caught my eye with this drink however, was that every ingredient was completely natural. So I got a natural caffeine fix without such a high calorie content as usual energy drinks, and with natural sugars.

Strawberry Super Jam- Not much to say other than super yummy!

Organic Raw Chocolate Mulberries- This was gorgeous! Perfect for when I needed a chocolate fix, but completely guilt free. The chocolate was delicious, and perfect combination with the mulberries...even better being organic!

Nim's Fruit Crisps- this was the only product I didn't enjoy (although my mum loved them!) The kiwi's were just too sweet for me, but if kiwi's are your thing then you'll love this!
Another lovely bonus, is that the box is provided with details of all the foods. I think it's lovely to see where the products were from, how they're made and the ideas behind them.

Groupon are currently offering your first Flavour Box at £6.00, so take advantage!
If you would like to buy a subscription to Flavour Box, you can buy yours at