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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

1980's Rockabilly Hairstyle ♥

My mum is pretty amazing when it comes to hairstyles. She decided recently to attempt a rockabilly esque hairstyle on me, and it looked amazing! Apologies for the terrible photos though...it was really late at night so the lighting is rubbish, and I'm covering my face because it looked terrible! 
 This hairstyle takes lots of bobby pins and hair spray! It didn't take my mum long to achieve this look, but I can imagine it taking a bit longer when  doing it myself....it's a bit fiddly at the back! It looks amazing from the front too- it's like a giant beehive!
 Accessories are key to a Rockabilly look, so a bandana, or vintage clips are perfect. I didn't have any at the time, but I'm keen to style this hairstyle with a shiny accessory and a good, red lipstick!

What do you think? Would you wear this hairstyle?