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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bourjois Texture Silicone Gel ♥

I think I have discovered my favourite beauty item of this year! I absolutely love having polished nails, and love having a good manicure. I'm particularly a fan of shellac nails because it's a gel like polish that lasts for weeks and looks immaculate. Well, I seem to have found a cheap and amazing way of achieving this look at home with Bourjois Texture Silicone Gel. I cannot believe I have never heard of this product before!
I love a red polish, and the gel makes the colour look amazing on my nails. I always think red polish makes my nails look very tidy and well groomed, if that makes sense! I used 17 Knockout Red, which is a lovely, bright red. 
 The gel is red but applies and dries transparent. Bourjois claim that it takes a second to dry but I'd say it takes a good minute, which is still pretty impressive. The application brush is large and in width and lengh which makes applying the gel really easy. The results are amazing!  


My nails before applying the gel polish.


 I think they look amazing, and have a real professional finish. So any people keep asking me if I've had my nails done, which is a sign that they are looking good! The gel also manages to increase the time it takes for  my nails to chip. It has been around 5 days, and I've only just started to notice a few minor chips, which is pretty good seeming as I've had such a busy week. 

I really can't recommend this product enough! I really think it's amazing, and it actually makes me wonder what I did before I bought it.

What do you think?