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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Horrible eye liner alert! No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil Review ♥

This has to be the worst eyeliner I have ever used...in fact, I can't think of any positives about it! When I applied it to my hand as a tester, I was really impressed- smooth and a really nice jet black. This didn't translate onto my eyes however. It was actually quite painful to run the eyeliner to the rims of my eyes, and I had to do this a few times as the eyeliner just wouldn't sit.
 I actually really hate using it, and am pretty glad I used my Boots £5 voucher as I would have been really unhappy to have paid full price for it. The eyeliner actually looks impressive, and that's why I was originally drawn to it. It has two ends, the eye liner pencil, and a small, sponge applicator on the other. The sponge is just as disappointing as the actual eyeliner.
 After running the eyeliner over my eyes numerous times, I then used the sponge to create a smokey eye look...however it simply removed all the eyeliner off of my eyes. I was actually pretty mad! No7 say say the eye liner is long lasting...mine lasted all of ten seconds! I also get horrible, black flakes under my eyes.
This image is after applying the eyeliner five times to the rim of my eye. As you can see, it looks like I've been wearing it for hours! It really is terrible. It retails as £7.75, which really is so overpriced for how terrible it is! I will actually be putting this product in the bin asap...do not waste your money, ladies!

Have you tried a terrible eyeliner before? What's your favourite eyeliner?