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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lauren Conrad + her pink hair ♥

 Lauren Conrad has always been known for her amazing style, and beautiful golden hair...but at her recent book tour for her new book, The Fame Game, Lauren was seen sporting a edgier look. Hello pink dipped hair and studs, something I would never associate with Lauren Conrad but definitely a look I loved!
                                                                                                     Images: Daily Mail
I don't think I could pull off a similar look, but then again, I never thought Lauren Conrad would be able to. She always has amazing style, but it's always quite safe- this look just seems to really work on her though. To get Lauren's hair, you can go to her website, http://thebeautydepartment.com/. On her blog, Lauren commented on her new look, saying:
 'I figure that I might as well have fun experimenting while I’m still young. And it’s only temporary so it’s really not that big of a commitment... Fashion is about having fun and taking chances. Plus the pink tipped pony added the perfect pop of colour to my otherwise monochromatic look.'
 I definitely agree. What do you think of her look? Would you try it?