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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Perfect Manicure ♥

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know I've been having major problems with my nails. My massive addiction to dark nail polishes has satined them well and truly, and is something that I need to prevent in the future! So, here are a few simple steps to achieving a lovely manicure minus stained, broken nails!
My nails were a real state, so I left them au natural for  few days, which was very hard seeming as they were bright orange! I love the Cutex nail polish remover though, and thought the nail whitening formula was pretty perfect, so I soaked my fingers in this for a while. I then trimmed and filed my nails until they were all the same size and shape.
The one thing I've learnt about my horrid nails is the importance of applying a base coat. In the last few weeks I've become a fan of Sally Hensen Double Duty, as it's a base and top coat...and well, I needed something super strong.
I then used Nail Doctor, which is a cuticle oil which is massaged into the cuticles, and left for ten minutes until the cuticles are lovely and soft. Don't forget to push your cuticles before hand, so they're all neat.

Once everything is dry, apply your nail varnish, but don't worry if you make a little mess, because a lovely quick trick is to use a cotton bud, and soak it into a little nail varnish remover. Use this to neaten up the edges, and remove any nail varnish that has seeped on the outer nail.
Once completed, and all nails are dry, apply a top coat so your nails look beautiful and shiny. This also keeps them super strong, and prevents any chips, so making sure your manicure lasts that bit longer. 
I'm hoping I never have to see these awful stained nails again...I've definitely learnt my lesson!