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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Models Own offer- free nail art pen.

I've never really tried Models Own nail varnishes or beauty products, but there's nothing like an offer to tempt you into trying something! Currently at Boots, buy two Models Own products and receive a free Models Own nail art pen worth £6.00.

I love the colours. I think they're perfect colours for spring. I was really impressed with how many nail polish colours were on offer, and it took me a really long time to pick. The offer included any Models Own product, but I wasn't really impressed with the variety of make up they had. The nail varnishes were only £5, which I think is a real bargain as they're quite large. I've been wearing Utopia since Friday, it's only just managed to chip, which I think is pretty good seeming as I've been doing lots of cleaning and things!

This nail art pen is really impressive. When I first opened the product, I hadn't read the box properly and got really annoyed because it had been described as a pen, but was simply a very difficult to use brush. Actually, it is also a pen luckily, which is really easy to use. The brush, however, is not. It seems to gather so much of the liquid at the bottom, and blobs everywhere so you can't create simple lines. I have to be honest, and say I'm glad I didn't pay £6.00 for the nail art pen as I don't think its really worth that, but it's definitely a very good freebie!