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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

17 Wild Metalics Eyes

I'm quite into my usual eye shadow creme (Estee Lauder, Ivory Lace) which I use everyday, and absolutely love. I rarely change this product...but then I heard quite a few good things about the 17 creme based eye shadows, and I thought that it needed checking out! I like quite neutral colours on my eyes, so lots of creamy colours....so 17's Wild Nude was just perfect! I really think it is a wild nude too....quite a neutral colour with a slight shimmer to it.

The texture of the eye shadow is so lovely. It's quite creamy and soft and glides really well a long the eye lid. What I also like, is that you have to build up the creme for it to become the copperish colour that it appears in the pot. Some may find this annoying, but I was actually really happy as the first swatch is lovely- nice and natural, with a subtle shine. The only down side, as with most drug store make-up, is that it doesn't always last as long as high end  beauty products. The creme seems to last around three hours before it creases, which is more apparent if you apply lots of layers of the eye shadow.

The pot is lovely and light, so perfect to pop in your hand bag when you need to reapply. There are other colours available, but this colour appeared to be the only one that was quite neutral, but if you love something a little more bright and sparkly, then they definitely have some lovely shades.

Sorry for the massive makeup review overload this week! As you know, I'm on placement, so I haven't been or seen anything interesting this week, but I'm more than excited for weekend sale shopping...again!
I hate not being a student anymore...I now completely understand when working people say that they live for the weekend!