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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cheryl Cole-Stylist Pick

Well, it's the 6th December, ladies, and this means ONE thing! Cheryl Cole's shoes are now available from Stylist Pick! Well, not her actual shoes, but some amazing shoes she has designed just for Stylist Pick. Prices start from £79.00, and they are beeeeautiful!
picture: Grazia Magazine.

Cheryl seems to be a fan of one shoe in particular, and that's the one seen in the photo for this weeks Grazia magazine. A black, high heel with a thin strap and silver studded embellishment. She says  
"The shoe I'm wearing is my signature shoe. I wanted something girly, glam and elegant. It's the kind of shoe you dream of when you're a little girl".

The shoes range from a more casual look, such as the gorgeous, leather shoe boots, some with a little hit of leopard print (yes please), to the more glamorous of shoes, with sparkles, glitter and more.

To read the full interview and buy some of Cheryl's gorgeous shoes, head to www.stylistpick.com. You may regret this because I can guarantee you won't just be buying one pair...

Love, Sophie Olivia x x