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Monday, 13 June 2011

I've got an addiction....

...to mascara and lipsticks. I really do. I buy a new lipstick every week, and a mascara pretty much every three weeks, even if I haven't finished the last one. It's becoming a major problem in my life when I have little money coming into my bank....queue selling my wardrobe on ebay!

So this week I purchased No 7 Extreme Length Sensitive Eyes in 01 black.
"A gentle mascara, for tear-free eyes, that grips and extends each lash for maximum length and definition". 

  • It did give my lashes extra length.
  • It didn't smudge and stayed perfect throughout the whole day.
  • No flaky bits underneath my eyes, even when I spent the whole day baking and getting horribly hot!
  • Lovely brush, allows good grip to each lash.
  • Great colour...really black.
  • It didn't separate my lashes as expected, therefore they were left a little clumpy.
  • It appeared to run out quickly. The tube became very dry after around two weeks.
  • The price...I think it was £12.99 which I found expensive for a mascara that ran out so quickly.
                                                    You decide! 

But I didn't stop there, I also purchased two lipsticks, 17 Bee Hive....
And a Revlon lipstick in 002 matte Pink Pout...and it really is amazingly pink, which I don't think the photo quite shows. It's a real wow colour!
I didn't stop there, I bought another cheeky purchase of Ciate Paint Pots. I swear by these nail polishes because they look really expensive, and people always ask if I've just had my nails done, which I rarely get asked when I've just painted my nails to be honest!
I then followed my beauty trip with a naughty stop at Primark, where I purchased this fabulous ring for £2 and this lovely scarf for £4. A very successful shopping trip!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x