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Friday, 10 June 2011

I've got a secret...shhhhh!

I love nothing more than hearing a new beauty tip...especially if it works! So when I purchased The Beauty Secrets Handbook, well, I was a little bit pleased, especially as nearly every tip is pretty much fabulous. 

Here are my top 10 favourites from the book...you may know some, but I do love a good, trustee beauty tip!

1. Blemishes? Well, obviously you need some carrots...apparently! "A carrot mask can work wonders for blemished skin. Use a small raw carrot mashed to a smooth paste, or boil one in a little water and mash it. Then pat the mask all over the blemished areas and leave on for 15-20 minutes" Yum.

2. Double chin, feeling a little wobbly there? "Get rid of your double chin by using a slightly darker shade of powder or foundation under your chin, which will make it appear to recede. Blend towards the back of the jawline to add definition".

3. What lovely brows you have. "To make brows appear higher and more defined, apply some highlighting powder or cream under the middle to outer edge of the eyebrow, which will add fullness to the eye area".
 This is my favourite, and you can get yourself a cheeky, free sample with this month Glamour magazine!

4. Fuller lips needed, please. "Create fullness with a spot of gloss in the middle of the mouth, particularly on the upper lips, which will appear fuller as a result.

5. Eye circles? "To draw attention from under-eye bags or circles, avoid applying eyeliner or mascara to lower lashes, which could draw attention downwards instead of upwards".

6. Drink more tea! "Tea contains polyphenols, which fight plaque-causing dental bacteria and ward off cavities, and makes it harder for bacteria to cling to your teeth. Green tea contains the highest amount, but you still get plenty from a cheap cup of standard tea!"

7. Teeth stained? "Whiten teeth naturally, by brushing lightly with grated lemon zest, a natural bleaching agent that will whiten teeth without damaging gums".

8. Hair nightmare? "Many commercially bought cholesterol hair conditioners contain alcohol, the very thing that dries out hair. Instead of using one of these, massage a handful of mayonnaise into dry hair and wrap in plastic food wrap for ten minutes to boost moisture". 

9. Cellulite? Me too. "Eat oranges! They have a high water content, which helps to plump skin. Also try apple, grapefruit and tropical fruits like mango and pineapple".

10. LOVE YOUR FACE! Learn to love your "imperfections". "They make you look special, freckles, nose shape and lip size etc all give you character and a unique look- just think how boring it would be if we were all perfect". This is so true. I hate my nose (it has a giant bump on it), and I'd been contemplating a nose job for years, believing I would be much happier. My friends, family and boyfriend hate the idea, and say "But then you wouldn't be you!", and it's true, nobody else has my nose and looks like me....and having Ashley Simpson's new nose wouldn't make me unique anymore. We can use make up and lovely lotions and potions to add to our natural beauty, but we shouldn't have to completely change what we were born with. Learn to love it ladies, you are you and that's pretty amazing! 

Love, Sophie Olivia x x