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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This is a bit good really.

I had visions of a really hot summer, and me being some bronzed, beach goddess....but then the English weather decided it wanted to play games with us, and turned the sun on and off like a light switch! I was faced with a very, and I mean very, pale, ill looking complexion. I won't use sunbeds, no, no, no...but I did use
Dove Summer Glow.

I wasn't sure about it really. It was very cheap (£2.99 in Superdrug and Savers), and I'll be honest, I can be a tanning snob at times...I seem to have it in my head that the more expensive the lotion, the better it will be, and we all know that isn't necessarily true.
 My mum had been using it and looking amazingly natural, so off I dashed to superdrug! So, the product is a"moisturiser with a subtle self-tanner to gradually build a beautiful tan"...and according to Dove, it is simply enhancing our natural skin colour.

So here is a rather nasty, pasty looking leg of mine, obviously before my tanning. May I add that those who are naturally pale look just lovely, but I actually always had olive skin which matched my hair and eyes, and then all of a sudden, I hit 16 and I went a very pale colour, and still am five years later...and it does not suit me...honestly.
As you can see, not very golden, bronzed or has any resemblance of a beach goddess. Anyway, the product initially smells beautiful. It's really difficult to describe, it's almost quite fruity. It has an added moisturiser which glides onto the skin and leaves it feeling lovely and soft.
The lovely smell does fade however, and sadly once applied everywhere and it begins to dry, it does smell like your usual "biscuit" smelling fake tan.
 However, after three days, the end product was fabulous, and I had lovely, golden legs!
The cons of this product however, are however:
  • It can be quite patchy, which I found strange as it has an added moisturiser, which I usually put on before I use fake tan.
  • It doesn't last long and washes off within a few days, however, some of you may find this a total pro.
  • That nasty biscuit smell that is associated with fake tans.
However, at £2.99. I'm actually really impressed, and in all honesty, it does exactly what it says on the packet. Definitely a must have, and I think I'll be repurchasing this little treat again!

                         Love, Sophie Olivia x x