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Friday, 23 November 2012

Benefit Erase Paste Review ♥

I recently purchased my first Benefit product...I know, shocking! I've tried lots of samples of Benefit before, and I've always thought they were ok, but not amazing. I think it's their amazing packaging that really appealed to me. Lately I've been working more hours and getting little sleep, and although I don't seem to get bags under my eyes, I do get really bad red circles underneath. I've tried lots of good concealers and heard great things about Benefit Erase paste. 

Benfit say that Erase paste aims to brighten and camouflage dark circles, discolouration and imperfections in one easy step. When I tested the product in the shop, I thought it appeared perfect for this- it's a really creamy consistency, but quite thick, which I thought would cover up red circles perfectly! There are three sades to select, and I chose 01 Fair. It's always better to use a shade a tone lighter to your skin when choosing a concealer.
Benefit include a small spactula which is to be used for "easy application". Also, is a lesson and step-by-step instructions of how best to apply the concealer. I have tried using both the spatula and using my fingers, and I actually find applying the concealer with my fingers works far better. I think using the spatula is just a bit too fiddly for me. The consistency is lovely, and applies and blends really well. I'm still unsure how I feel about this concealer though- it definitely blends well and doesn't look too cakey, but I don't think it covers the redness as well as some other concealers I've used.
Benefit Erase Paste retails at £19.50, however I purchased mine for £15.50 from duty free. I'm not disappointed by this product, but can't say I'm thrilled...perhaps my red circles are worse lately! For the price I expected a little bit more from this product.
I also used the concealer on a small birthmark I have on my face which although it covered, it didn't cover as much as I'd have liked. I like the product though, and think it's perfect if you have minor imperfections or want to use it under the eye brow arch. 

Have you tried this product before? What's your favourite concealer?