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Monday, 1 October 2012

Premier Model Skin Review ♥

I don't think you need to spend lots of money on your skin to keep it looking good, but there are some pricey products out there that it's worth spending extra money on. I recently purchased some facial products from Premier Model Skin. This brand has been produced by Monu, who I absolutely love. I've tried Monu products as they have been part of my Glossybox, and thought they were lovely on my skin. 
 Both products retail around £26.00, however I found them in TKmaxx for £4.99 (bargain). I had high expectations of the products, and judged them on their original price tag should I want to purchase them again in the future. Firstly, I love the packaging. It's bright, but sleek and sophisticated. I feel it looks and feels expensive, and definitely not something I would have found in TKmaxx. 
 I've been using both the facial scrub and toner for the last five days, and am so impressed. My skin looks so smooth and soft, and I actually feel that my complexion has improved. My skin looks clear and bright, and my pores are definitely smaller. The scrub reminds me of an exfoliator- it's quite gritty, but doesn't irritate the skin. I have quite sensitive skin, so I prefer not to use products that are so gritty, but I really haven't had any problems with this product. 
The toner has a watery appearance, but is actually quite thick and gloopy when applied to the skin. I really like this however, and it feels lovely when on my skin. The unusual thing about this toner, is that the directions requite you to use your hands to massage the toner into your skin. I find this a little strange, as most toners usually require a cotton pad to remove all traces of remaining make up. I do feel that my skin is still left feeling cool, clean and refreshed however. 
I've loved using these products- I can't say I'd want/ afford to use these products if I had to pay £26.99, but I definitely can see huge improvements to my skin. I do feel that the products are high quaility- they smell amazing, and have great results. I think I'll be popping back to TKmaxx to stock up asap!

Have you tried these products before?