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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Essie in 472 Review ♥

This is the first Essie product that I've purchased. I had high expectations, as I know Essie is very popular with many beauty beauty bloggers. Again, I went to TKmaxx and purchased an Essie polish is a gorgeous cherry red. 
 Well, I definitely understand why Essie is so popular. It applies really well, and dries fairly quick. It's quite thick, which means it only took two coats to get the desired colour. The colour is so pretty- a dark cherry/ raspberry, and a perfect Autumn and Winter shade. The polish looks expensive, as it has a gorgeous, shiny finish. 
The polish lasted a good three days before it started to chip, and around five days before the chips were more noticeable. I had done a lot of house work in these days, so I actually think it lasted for a good amount of time. 
I'm looking forward to trying Essie products again. Although this polish was a lot cheaper as I purchased it from TKmaxx, I'd definitely be happy to purchase it again full price. 

Have you tried this colour before? What do you think of Essie?