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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Topshop Sunbeam Highlighter Review ♥

I've been after a good highlighter for a while, and spotted Topshop's Sunbeam and thought it was so pretty! I have to say that after using it a few times, I'm a little disappointed. It looks so beautiful and shimmery in the pot, but this just doesn't translate when applied to the skin.
 I love the packaging for Topshop's make up range- it's simple but really quirky and unique. It's a shame because I had high hopes for the highlighter, but it's so gold when applied to the skin that it's really difficult to blend.
 When I swatched the product in store, it looked so beautiful in the store lighting. In natural lighting however, it's unbelievably gold. The purpose of highlighters is to apply them where the light catches your face- I like to apply mine to the cheekbones and eyebrow bone. However I feel that when using the highlighter, it doesn't highlight these areas, but makes them look rather scary! It's very hard to blend, and I feel like I'm left with big patches of gold on my face. 


As you can see, the colour is beautiful but definitely not ideal as a highlighter. I'm unsure what to do with the product, and as it was £10.00, I feel that I need to get some use out of it. I may try and use it as an eye shadow for a night out, or perhaps try applying it lightly to my shoulders and collarbone for a night out.

Have you tried this product? What's your favourite highlighter?