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Saturday, 22 September 2012

September Glossybox Review ♥

I'm always indecisive about Glossybox. Two months ago I was going to cancel my subscription but forgot, and luckily too, as I received an amazing box. Unfortunately I feel this may have just been a fluke, as September's box is pretty poor. 
This months box has been designed by Maggie Li. I actually think the box is really pretty, and probably the best thing about this months box. I was really excited when I first saw the box and couldn't wait to see what products I'd received. 
 The five products I received were:

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Sample (1.2ml)
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (7ml)
Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream (15ml)
Maghrabian Hair Oil (10ml)
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial (Four sachets)

Lady Gaga Perfume Sample- I hate it when Glossybox put perfume samples in and consider them one of your five products. I think for £12.00 a box, a little perfume sample isn't quite good enough. However, the actual fragrance is really beautiful. It has a deep floral scent, and perhaps a little sweet, but nothing too overwhelming. I actually really enjoy the scent, and although it wore off quite quickly, I think it smells quite expensive and reminds me of other designer scents. 

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream- Glossybox seem to love this brand and I often receive one of their products in every box. Although I really enjoy the brand, I thought Glossybox was about variety and trying new things. The eye cream is lovely- a little thicker than other eye creams, but I quite like that. It has an unusual scent, I think lavender, but it's not too overpowering. My eye area was left feeling soft and a little more rejuvenated. 

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream- This is the first Vichy product I've tried, and I really enjoyed it. The product is lovely and creamy, and slightly scented of Rose. It definitely illuminates, and made my skin look fresh and awake. Definitely a product I would consider buying full size.

Maghrabian Hair Oil- I'm not really into oils, especially for my hair. My hair is very fine, so oils can leave my hair looking and feeling greasy. This product I love, however. It has the most gorgeous scent, which is quite hard to describe. It's quite a gloopy oil, which meant that I used a pea sized amount. I used the oil to apply to my dry hair after straightening, and it looked and felt lovely. My hair was so smooth, but definitely not greasy, and I just really enjoyed the scent of my hair all day!
Rodial Gamoxy Snake Serum- I'm excited and scared of using this product. The thought of applying snake serum to my face isn't so exciting, and I'm dreading even applying it to my face (I'm such a wuss!). I have heard amazing things about this product however, so it's something I'm definitely going to try. I think I'll be doing a full blog review of this product because it's definitely an unusual product.

Although I received some great products, they're such small samples that I just don't think it justifies the prize. Oh well. 
What did you think of Glossybox this month?