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Friday, 3 August 2012

Updated- What's in my make-up bag? ♥

I'm still using many of the same products from my last make-up bag post, which means they must be really good because I love to try new products. There are a few new products that have crept into my everyday make-up routine recently however, and I'm really impressed by their quality.
 Make-up bag- Topshop
I love this make-up bag, bought for me by my lovely friend, Joanna for my birthday. It's really spacious but still small enough to pop into my handbag. I love the vibrant colour, the gold zip, and especially the polka dot interior. 
Products, from left-right; Eco tool powder brush, Dior Forever 020 foundation (review available HERE), Estee Lauder Advanced Nigh Repair sample, Benefit High Beam sample, Estee Lauder Double Wear powder in Fresco 01 (review available HERE), Estee Lauder Signature Powder Blush (review available HERE), Rimmel Glam Eyes 180 Gold Rush, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer 261 Noir, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara (review available HERE), Lumi Magique Primer (review available HERE), L'oreal Made For Naturals  235 Lipstick, Burberry Lipstick sample No. 04.
                     As you can see, I'm still using many of the same products- click on the links to review.
Some of the new products that have made it into my make up bag include the L'oreal lipstick. It is the most gorgeous colour, and has the most beautiful scent. The aim of the lip stick is to compliment your hair colour, and I definitely think it does. I've had so many compliments since wearing it- many people saying I look tanned? It must compliment my skin tone too!
I tend to wear a lot of gold or neutral eye shadows, and I received the most lovely Estee Lauder sample as part of a gift set. It has four colours, all so beautiful and shimmery. I actually think the colours are very Spring, although I received the sample in June. My favourite colour is 10 Ivory Slipper Satin. It's so pretty, and the pigmentation is amazing, and it last for hours without creasing or moving. 
I bought Rimmel Glam Eyes 180 Gold Rush on a complete whim. I thought the colour look alright, and I'd just see if it was any good. Well it was better then alright. The pigmentation is so good, and it looks really beautiful. I really think it compliments my green eyes, and makes them stand out. It's quite shimmery so I've been using it for evenings. I also find it makes a fantastic highlighter or great for a little bit of shimmer. 

What's your favourite product from your make-up bag this month?

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