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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Vintage Shop and Car Boot finds ♥

I have been loving charity shop finds recently. Where I used to live whilst at university, they had an amazing Vintage shop where I used to find some real treasures. I've found 40's handbags, silk scarves, gloves dresses, and most recently the most beautiful, glass set. I imagine it was meant for dining, but I decided to use it for my dressing table to store all of my jewellery. 
 The best thing is it cost me £8.00! As soon as I saw it, I literally grabbed it and ran to the till! I just think it's a real beautiful, glamorous way to show off and store my favourite jewellery. I know some people don't enjoy rooting through charity shops and car boots, but when you do, you really can find some gems.
 When I went to the car boot with my friend Joanna last week, I also found this vintage camera for a £1! My dad's really into photography and was able to tell me a little more about it. Apparently it's a great camera brand and still in working order...the lens just needs a little clean. I'm going to get a film for it as soon as I can  and see if it takes some nice shots. I think it will always look beautiful on my dressing table or book case anyway.
These little plates were from a charity shop, 4 for 50p. They are perfect for displaying my earrings or rings, or even little tea lights. They're so pretty, and such a bargain! 

Do you like my charity shop/ car boot finds? How do you feel about charity shopping and car booting?