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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hello, London town...

This weekend I went to London because I had tickets to see the ballet of Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Opera House...fancy, I know. The tickets were very cheap though, so if you fancy a bit of culture then keep checking their website for offers.
 Oh dear, please ignore my turkey looking neck!
 The view was absolutely amazing. I am petrified of heights and as soon as I saw where our seats were, I went into a small panic. I quickly settled when the ballet began though. It really was amazing, probably that bit more special as I've never been before. Sadly photos were forbidden.
 ...and then we went for afternoon tea, which was lovely. I was literally so stuffed, and regretted eating all of the finger sandwiches as I was too full to try all of the cakes...at least I saved on a few calories!
We then headed to Oxford Street for a little shopping (posts to come), and I purchased the Topshop polka dot dress which was high up on my wish list. I also experienced Forever 21 for the first time. I've seen lots of people blog about this shop, and I wasn't disappointed. I really felt it fed everybodies style.
Then today I decided it was necessary to head to the markets and do a bit of vintage shopping, and Brick Lane really didn't disappoint.
  I found so many little trinkets and special little things...there was just too much to choose from! I love how there was vintage markets pretty much everywhere I looked, where as back home this really is quite rare. Vintage has become so fashionable that where I live in Lancashire, the few shops that sell vintage seem to bump up their prices, which is really annoying. This wasn't the case here however, and I found vintage Burberry trench coats and Barbour jackets for £35....too good to be true, I know!
The best thing about the markets at Brick Lane  is the food. There was so much food from all around the world that my taste buds just didn't know what to do! I ended up trying some SriLankan food, which was delicious.
 I've decided that I really think it is necessary that I move to London. I had the best time, and I just love that there is so much to do. The shops don't close at five like they do back home, the vintage markets are amazing and cheap, and the food is just gorgeous. Oh, what a weekend.

How was your weekend?