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Monday, 7 November 2011

But baby, it's cold outside...

Today felt like the start of winter. Or Christmas I like to think. The first sign of fog, frost or the feeling of being cold I get excited for Christmas...yes, I am a big child. I just love that all of the Christmas lights are up, the shops are full of everything sparkly, and not only does Starbucks have its Christmas drinks available, they're on offer. Perfect. Today made me think about last year. Me and my friends headed to Cork in Ireland for a few days over Christmas and literally had such a magical time.
A Winter Wonderland theme was being opened in the park on our last night in Cork and it was just beautiful. Fairy lights, reindeer, and festive music...lovely.
Cork's first Topshop was also being opened, and to celebrate, they offered 20% off everything, and a free Topshop goodie bag and hot chocolate. I spent too much, but loved every minute...especially relaxing with our hot chocolates after and looking at what everyone bought.

....and my favourite photo from Cork is all because of this charming man...
He was well and truly delighted (drunk) that we were in Cork and insisted on dancing, singing and kissing us.
This photo cracks me up every time I see it!

Anyway, just a little post about my way -to -early Christmas excitement!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x