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Thursday, 6 October 2011

I've gone and got magnetized!

Everybody seems to be going wild for the magnetic nail varnishes which are currently everywhere! Well, now affordable brand 17 have brought out their own range of magnetic nail varnishes in four lovely colours. They retail at £5.99, but Boots are currently offering £2 off, so  I jumped at the chance!
It was easy to apply, and the consistency of the nail varnish is really good, so just one coat looks lovely, but I applied two as I wanted them super green! When the nails are wet, you hover the magnet over the nail. The magnet is attached to the lid of the nail varnish, and within seconds, your nails have an amazing magnetic effect!

 Although I think they look great, I don't think they're really my style. I like a neutral, matte looking nail varnish, but I'm glad I tried it anyway! I think they make you look twice, so if you're into kooky nails, then go ahead definitely!

What do you think of the new, magnetic nail varnishes? Which ones have you tried?

Love, Sophie Olivia x x