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Friday, 30 September 2011

I sparkle just like Jade, ahem...

For those of you who watch Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, you will know that Jade won. Horrah, horrah! Part of her winning included a contract with Revlon (good work, jade!), and I've noticed her lovely face popping up all over magazine adverts for Revlon.
Well Done, Jade!
Photo by Revlon.
Anyway, Some of Jade's recent advertisements for Revlon have been appearing in magazines  in the last few days, and I was literally struck by the gorgeous nail varnish she was wearing. Now, I've been hunting high and low for this photo online, but it's that recent that I can't get my mitts on it.
I was so in love with the look of the nail varnish, that I marched out and bought it. It's called:
095 Facets of Fuchsia

I usually opt for a very natural, non- shiny, nail varnish...in other words, I'm not that brave at times. However, this is just so different for me, and I just love it. I think the colour is perfect for Autumn, and I love how sparkly it is. It has a mixture of big and small bits of glitter, so when the light hits it, well, it's pretty wow.

I was slightly worried with my first application, as it was quite watery with very little colour. However, this quickly dried and I was able to put my second coat of varnish on and I loved the results.
If you've been reading my last few posts, you will know that I have shellac nail varnish on at the moment (which still hasn't chipped! Amazing.) Anyway, I can't apply nail varnish to my nails, so I gave my toes a sparkly make-over.
Que a very horrible photo of my toes (apologies!)
Let me know what you think, but I'm really liking it. It was rather expensive, at £7.99, but I just had to have it really...well worth the pennies!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x