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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I need these in my life, please

Oh, Topshop. You have done it again. My poor, student savings won't stretch this far, but a girl can dream.
Christmas present, anyone? Well done, Toppers. I've seen lots of ladies commenting on the second shoe I've selected, even the lovely Cheryl Cole herself. Well, it must be fashionable then.

                                                     Glitter and sparkle, just beautiful. £65.00
                                                   Glitter, sparkle and a boot. It's love. £80.00
                                                          Faux pony skin. Lovely. £95.00
                                                       Studs. Hello. £62.00.

                                  Have you seen any shoes that are on your wish list, girlies? 
Hopefully I'll get some Topshop vouchers this Christmas, and can make a quick dash to get these shoes!

                                                    Love, Sophie Olivia x x