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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hey, it's not so bad being a student...

If you're a student, you may have experienced student living...dum, dum, duuuum...or perhaps not! Now I live in quite a lovely little flat, and I won't lie, it has it's little bits of grossness as most student flats can...however, it's nothing that a bit of girlie DIY can't handle! Here are a few photos of my student flat this year.
 No, I'm not clever at art, these are wall sticker from, yep, Home Bargain for £1.99. They cause no harm to paint or wallpaper, so stick away!
 I love flowers, and you'd think as a student that these aren't really a necessity, but top tip- They cost me £1.99 from Tesco and I've had them four weeks! I only buy my flowers from here now.
 Fairy lights are a must. I got these for £3 from Primark last Christmas and they still work just perfectly. The Home sign was 99p from Home Bargains, and my vase and flowers were from Good ol' Wilkinsons. Student friendly, indeed.
 A little chalkboard that hangs above our dining room table so me and my flatmates can write messages to each other. I purchased this in the sale from Sass&Belle, which is pretty fabulous.
 I love this tea towel. Primark, a set of three for £2.50. I love Primark for interior items...you can never tell that they were cheap as chips!
 BHS, baby. I always wait for the sale. I love a bit of floral, and I think these are juuust lovely.
 This is a magnetic note board from The Works for £1.99. My flatmate is from London, so I bought this as a little slice of home to make her smile.
 Tea, tea, and more tea. I use this cake stand from BHS to store all of my tea. The tray was reduced to £3 in TkMaxx.
 This hangs on the back of my bathroom door to store all of my toiletries. I think it's so sweet. I've got a toothbrush holder that is part of the same set too. Purchased from dotcomgiftshop.com.
 This hangs above the toilet...obviously. I think it says it all really. A lovely, little bathroom touch. I think it was around £4 from dotcomgiftshop.com.
 I'm a massive fan of this slogan, and it seems to be everywhere right now. This hangs above my bed, and was half price, at £10 from Past Times.
More flowers from Tesco, reduced to 95p and they still look like this seven days later...lovelyjubley.

Hope you enjoyed a good nosey!
Also, I've just joined Twitter and am a loser with little Twitter friends due not having much of a clue what I'm doing! I've finally got the hang of it, so please add me, girlies!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x