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Monday, 18 July 2011

oh, well, that's a bit false...

This month I've been trying  
L' oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara in black.
I was pretty impressed!

Simply put, the mascara should give me:
False lash effect in 4 dimensions"

So, does it?

  • Super black.
  • Lashes are long, curved and give lashes a thick appearance so it looks like you haves lots of lovely lashes.
  • Lovely long brush, so you can reach every little lash, and is still easy to get to the lashes at the corner of your eyes.
  • Reasonable priced at £11.99. I find many mascaras that I purchase seem to dry up very quickly or are gone within a month. However, four weeks later and the mascara brush is still moist and it appears there's still lots of mascara in the tube!                                                                                    Cons 
  • Lashes aren't really separated. Although they look healthy and thick, at times they could look a little clumpy, so I did have to work hard to separate some of the lashes with the brush, which was a little difficult.
  • Panda eyes. For some reason, I got black smudges under my eyes around a few hours after applying.
  • They took a little long to dry. For example, I sneezed around ten minutes after applying the mascara and still managed to get little, black dots under my eyes.
                                                               The results!

Lovely mascara. I'd definitely recommend ladies. Have a lovely day!
                                 Love, Sophie Olivia x x