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Monday, 7 January 2013

My dressing table ♥

Just a quick post to show you my dressing table at the moment. I have so much jewellery, so I tend to keep most of my jewellery on the table, and my make up in the drawers. I've always wanted a dressing table, but I've created my own with a chest of drawers and a lovely mirror...I still haven't found a dressing table that has enough storage for all of my make up!
 My glassware in vintage from the 1920's, and was purchased for £6.00 from a little place in Lancaster. I think it is meant to be used to store sauces/condiments on the table...but I think jewellery storage is a much better idea! The white stand was picked up from a store in Gran Caneria for 5 euros. It was actually black so I spay painted it white.
The gold bird stand was a Christmas present from Urban Outfitters...I was thinking of spray painting it white, but I actually like the clashing colours. I love the mirror too- I wanted this in white, but I actually thought it looked a little tacky and much more sophisticated in black. It was purchased from Dunelm Mill but over a year ago so I'm not sure it will still be available.
Other items include my Yankee Candle, and candle from Primark in Peaches and Cream. My favourite perfume and body lotion (Jimmy Choo) is also on the table so it's easy so reach as I go out.
Do you have a dressing table? How do you store your make up and jewellery?