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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

the body shop Ginger Sparkle body butter review ♥

Christmas is here, which means anything spicy! It also means that most of us will suffer from really dry skin, or eczema. I get really dry skin on my legs, and little patches of eczema on my arms. I find in Winter that it can be even harder to moisturise my skin, so I need something thick and moisturising. I have always been impressed with The Body Shop body butter, and I was even more excited when I saw that they had created a Gingerbread edition for Christmas.
Initially, the smell is quite overpowering. It's very strongly scented of gingerbread, which can be slightly off putting. I decided to apply it to my skin however, and see what I thought. I found that the butter sank in to my skin really well, and my skin felt so soft. I also found that the smell of gingerbread was lovely on my skin. It settled really well, and smelt delicious!
 I find that a little goes a long was with this product. I prefer to apply it after I've had a hot shower so it absorbs ever better. I've been using this for around five days now, and my eczema has cleared up, and my legs are lovely and soft! I couldn't recommend The Body Shop body butters any more...they are amazing! They currently are on offer- 2 for £15, and voucher codes are also offering 40% off all Body Shop items...it's worth stocking up before Christmas!

Have you tried The Body Shop body butters? What's your favourite Winter moisturiser?