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Monday, 15 October 2012

My Weekend In Paris: Day One (photo heavy) ♥

So Paris this weekend was amazing...I've taken nearly 300 photos, so I'll blog each day with photos.
On Friday, me and my friend went to the Notre Dame and The Eiffel Tower. I've absolutely loved Paris. This is my third time, and I still find it really beautiful. 

Notre Dame:

The Eiffel Tower:

 The weather was beautiful on the Friday, and it was so lovely to walk around the park and enjoy the views of The Eiffel Tower. I'm always blown away by how beautiful it is every time I visit. It's very romantic...me and my friend saw a couple having their wedding photos taken in the park by the tower- what a perfect place to have your photos! It has been an amazing weekend, and I can't wait to blog tomorrow with more Paris photos from Saturday!