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Saturday, 14 April 2012

I got some new shoes on ...

My shoe addiction is pretty bad. So bad that I have a massive (and I mean massive) box of them! It doesn't stop me buying more though! I'm terrible. I'm quite girlie and usually pick really feminine shoes, but I love how brogues look even though I feel they make me look like a clown. I have size six feet, and I know that doesn't make me some big foot, but I'm quite tall, so I don't like shoes that are too masculine. I'm not even sure if that makes sense, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean! Anyway, I saw these beautiful shoes, and decided to get over my silly worries!
       Next, £22.00.

I think they were an absolute bargain! They are so comfy, and a perfect Spring/Summer shoe. They're a beautiful colour, with a faux suede effect...I don't think I'll be splashing in any puddles in these! Definitely a shoe to wear when the sun is out! I think the inside of the shoe is really pretty too, not that you get to see that when wearing them though. I wear quite a lot of neutral colours, so I feel these will go with everything- definitely worth every penny!

Have you bought anything nice this weekend?