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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wooosh, those lashes are big!

I'm a massive fan of all L'oreal products, especially their mascaras. I used to use the L'oreal Double Extension mascara, and then stopped using it for a while as I moved onto MaxFactor...however, I started using it again, and forgot how amazing it is! Basically, eye make up remover is not needed in order to remove it, but simple and free water! The mascara comes off in almost a tube appearance, and I have to hold a wet flannel over my eyes for around two minutes. Slight pain to remove, but I did worry that it obviously wouldn't be waterproof...however, don't worry about a small cry as it does not budge at all!

 I love the brushes. Lashes appear thick, and long. I pur around three to four coats on as I love my lashes nice and thick, however, they look just as beautiful with two coats.

Apologies for the eyeliner that's worn off...doesn't look too attractive!
So glad I rediscovered this mascara! Retailing at £10.99 and there is 3 for 2 on all L'oreal products at Boots at the moment so it would be rude not to buy one!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x