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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

mmm toasty...the best of faux fur....

I have a slight obsession with faux fur right now. It's so soft, it looks amazing, and the best thing...keeps you warm. I never usually think about comfort...if it looks good, I buy it whether I'm freezing my little socks off or not! There are quite a few things I'm after...being a student is so tough!

Faux fur snood, Warehouse, £25.00.
Faux fur coat, River Island, £90.00
Faux fur hat (SO lovely!), Asos, £18.00
Faux fur scarf, Asos, £20.00

Coat, Topshop, 95.00.

Faux fur clutch, Topshop, £45.00

Too many pretty things...it's too much to handle! I'm majorly hoping that I get Christmas money and all of these beauties go into a massive sale!

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Love, Sophie Olivia x x