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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cheryl Cole and shoes? Yes please.

I'm sure you're all very much aware that Cheryl Cole is launching her own shoe range with StylistPick (lucky lady), and they're available in December...all at £39.95! Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she has style.

The great thing about Stylistpick.com, is that you create your own profile based on a quiz, where you pick answers personal to you, based on your clothing style, shoe and accessory style. Shoes and handbags are then recommened to you, and I think they pretty much got my style in(Classic and elegant apparently). I absolutely love a good, classic shoe, and I'm not one for a big, glittery shoe, but if you are, then it doesnt matter...because it's individual to your style.

Even better is the price! Everything is so affordable, even to my student satisfaction. I personally love that stylists get to pick their favourite shoes each month...this month is Grace Woodwood. (X Factor, and Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model).

Anyway, definitely worth a look!

Love, Sophie Olivia x x